18th March – 3rd June 2015: Neptune Quincunx the North Node

by Sarah on 17/03/2015


Take Your Seat for a Master Class on Love


Sarah Varcas

This alignment arises just prior to the total solar eclipse and as such provides a framework within which to process the eclipse energies. Here Neptune and the North Node invite profound reflection upon our fundamental motivation in life. They ask what we truly hope for and why? They shed light on motivations which may influence us from the shadows rather than guide us in the light. Neptune in Pisces is the divine returning home to itself, even as it never left. It affirms that we meet the sacred everywhere: in our darkest hour and the brightest day, our most painful memory and our greatest achievement. The North Node in Libra infers a shared destiny which finds us indivisible from each other even as we seek to carve out our own unique niche in the world. Together they speak of the power of relationship, the profound alchemy of combined intent, and the truth of our fundamental divinity which needs nothing and no one for completion.

Herein lays the fundamental paradox of the human condition. We are one with others, sharing the same sacred heartbeat that reverberates throughout the universe; born of the unified field which connects all beings through time and space. We are united through a web of cause and effect, shared emotion, social structures and belief systems. And yet we experience so deeply our separation, viewing the world through our own eyes, our own mind. Seeing you out there and me in here, tussling for space, recognition and, most importantly, love on this ball of matter, gas, water and fire as it hurtles through space. The human condition is both divine bliss and a fight to the death. We embrace and reject each other in our search for the union our hearts desire. Forever seeking and searching we fail to notice the present moment, replete with divine love, as we focus on the next one hoping what we yearn for lies there.

In the coming weeks Neptune and the North Node invite reflection on the meaning of love and the nature of our striving for it. We seek it here, we seek it there…an endless, restless search for belonging, connection and companionship; so many spend a lifetime chasing this experience. We yearn to feel cared for, appreciated, seen and safe in the gaze of another who has our back. To rest in the arms of a lover, to share secrets with a friend, to know that someone is rooting for us no matter what: these things matter. They warm our hearts and give meaning to troubled times when each day brings challenge.

But Neptune simply doesn’t understand our longing. It just doesn’t compute! ‘How can you look for love’ it wonders ‘when you are it, everything is and it is all around?’. For Neptune there is nothing else. The air that we breathe, the joy in our heart, the tear in our eye and the trouble in our mind, all reflect the many forms of love: the divine flowing through us, our most intimate lover and closest friend. For Neptune, love is simply life and vice versa. The embrace of every moment is a loving one. Neptune’s eyes see only this and it furrows its brow at our inability to do so.

Thankfully we have the North Node to do some of our bidding! Yes, ultimately the divine is, by its very nature, love. And yes as human beings we diminish that word, using it to denote anything from an emotional attachment to our enjoyment of chocolate. But we are human after all! We’re not disembodied gods and goddesses living in celestial realms where we are all seeing, all knowing. We exist in a physical body which separates us on the material plane, placing boundaries around what is me and mine. As our fundamental experience of life, the visceral nature of separation becomes burned into our minds and hearts at a very young age. Watch a baby crying for food and you’ll soon see how painful separation is: the fear and vulnerability, terror and rage, it evokes.

We are that baby, screaming for attention, for safety, for love enough to be protected and nurtured. And still the divine is all around, within and without, pure unadulterated love and nothing else. In the coming weeks the heavens coax us into a deeper appreciation of the love that exists everywhere: the nurturing sunshine, the nourishing softness of morning air, the refreshing rain, the devotion of companion animals, the smile from a stranger. At the same time it invites us to be the divine in the lives of others: loving and protective, nurturing and supportive. Sometimes we may look so hard for love we forget the love we have to share which, once expressed, can return to us. Our relationship with love is central to our liberation from all that binds us to the petty concerns of the egoic mind. To find it we must be it and share it. To know it we must step across barriers and into the lives and hearts of all living creatures, seeing the world through their eyes.

This is just the beginning of Neptune’s Master Class on Love. It lasts for a while so we don’t need to be immediately up to speed! The first lesson is this: love is not what we believe it to be, nor is it somewhere other than here. It is within us, outside of us and all around, waiting to be shared, embraced and experienced. It comes in many forms and we may not recognise its approach. So stay alert to love now, for there is much to be discovered if we do.

Sarah Varcas

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