18th June: Chiron and Friends

by Sarah on 18/06/2013


Healing in Our Own Way


Sarah Varcas

Today Chiron in Pisces, Mars in Gemini and the North Node in Scorpio join forces until 25th. Chiron leads the way in this one, which is particularly significant as it has only just turned retrograde (see yesterday’s post for info about that). This is an impatient Chiron who wants to get the healing under way and usher us onward into a brighter future. So if you’re feeling jaded right now, tired, emotionally drained or just generally out of sorts, you have a cosmic ally who’s eager to help you change and rejuvenate yourself and your life!

In order to kick-start the healing, Chiron poses a question: how important is it to understand our ‘issues’ before we heal them? There is no correct answer, of course, because different people operate in different ways, evidenced by the plethora of healing modalities and therapies we have all around us these days. But it’s a useful question to contemplate because in doing so we may discover we don’t need to put quite so much work into self-analysis and more into self-acceptance. Or perhaps we need to dive deeper into our psyche before we try to heal away our pain. What works to heal one person may not do so for another and it’s absolutely essential now, more than ever before, that we find the way that works for us, even if it doesn’t work for anyone else on the entire planet!

In asking this question, Mars offers some additional advice: what finally works may often be the least likely candidate! We no longer live in an age where doing what we’ve always done is the way to go. This is a new age now, with different rules! We have the opportunity in this one to totally reinvent ourselves if we wish to. We can do our lives in a whole new way if we choose, and that includes how we heal. So whatever we may have written off as ‘not for me’ in the past may well be the very place in which we can now encounter healing blessings galore. It may mean stepping away from familiar paths and even familiar people, but in the long run doing so can enable us to step into a fuller expression of who and what we are.

Which brings us to the North Node in Scorpio, who adds its advice into the mix: the goal is not to understand ourselves but to experience ourselves, fully alive, in as conscious a way as possible. If this necessitates understanding that’s fine, but it’s not a compulsory pre-requisite. Neither is years of struggle or the development of psychic powers as a proof of healing and spiritual awakening! We do not have to follow a model anymore. We can just be who we are and do what needs to be done to bring us into a state of wholeness. And what that state of wholeness looks like will depend from person to person. There are no rules, only possibilities, and for each one of us those possibilities are personal and unique as much as they are universal and shared. For sure there are others out there who walk a similar path and creating kinship and community with them is an important part of the process now. But it is equally important that we can walk away when and if we need to, or incorporate aspects into our journey which may seem at odds with the prevailing ‘norm’.

Healing comes in all shapes and sizes, as do we. Once we truly recognise that fact we are well on the way to discovering what we need to embody wholeness. And whatever that is, Chiron wants us to get on with it, starting today, because healing awaits each one of us and the universe needs us whole!

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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