18th July 2013: A Subtle Shift

by Sarah on 18/07/2013


‘To be or to do?’, THAT is the Question!


Sarah Varcas

Today the heavens move us gently from receptive to active mode. It’s only a subtle shift and not one to cause any major disruption for us, but it signals the beginning of our gradual emergence from the waters we’ve been in the past few days. It’s actually more of a choice than a dictate. We can stay immersed if we wish to and that’s fine. If we know all we can do right now is just be and allow the emotions and the healing to flow through us then so be it. But if we feel the call to action the cosmos supports that now and offers us some new energy to relight our fire!

It’s an interesting one this, because whilst there’s activity indicated it’s not the old kind. Something has changed today and we can bring that change to our daily tasks and responsibilities, making them less of a demand upon our time and energy. What previously seemed complex and anxiety provoking now becomes simpler and easier to achieve. What before felt burdensome and oppressive now feels lighter and less dense. Whatever needs doing today we can bring this new energy to it and change its very nature to make it a more enjoyable experience.

Enjoyment…. now that’s a word I haven’t mentioned in a while (sorry!). It’s one of my favourites actually, to en-joy. It just says so much in only five letters! And today it definitely features. With the flood of healing energies in the past few days much has dissolved away. We may not even be aware of what until we come up against the very thing that usually triggers it to find it doesn’t do so anymore, or not with the same intensity. Life is set to be a little bit easier, a little bit freer, because we have allowed the universe to fill us with something greater than our own tiny perspective and our own personal take on the world. We look through cosmic eyes now and can connect with the universal heart rather than our mind-made world view. And to do so is, indeed, enjoyable!

So whatever call you hear today: to rest and be or get up and do, remember there’s enjoyment in the air and new experiences on the horizon. Watch out for the places in you that have changed, the bits that are unknotted or gradually untangling themselves. Something is happening now… we are being released in way that we’ve not experienced before. It may even feel unsettling at times… the familiarity of old triggers may be more welcome than the freedom of their absence, but we’ll get used to it. Like an amphibious creature stepping out onto dry land for the first time, it doesn’t feel quite right. A new way of moving is required. Our experience of the elements and the environment they create is different, but it holds such promise and potential, expanding possibilities in so many ways, that we would be crazy to just head straight back from the water without exploring a bit.

So today I wish everyone enjoyment and delight, new discoveries and greater freedom. To infinity and beyond!

With Love,

Sarah Varcas

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