18th/19th May: Moon in Virgo

by Sarah on 17/05/2013



Be Here Now


Sarah Varcas

This weekend the Moon travels through Virgo. Here she has a choice: to lose herself in the pursuit of perfection which renders everything lacking and forever in need of improvement, or to recognise and celebrate the perfection inherent in each moment, regardless of how it may appear on the surface. We, too, have the same choice and she wants to help us choose well.

Approaching an opposition to Neptune, she reminds us how easy it can be to idealise, holding a vision of how we think life should be whilst casting our present as a mere irritation until the promised future arrives. Of course having goals, visions and dreams is fine, but this weekend the Moon reminds us that we’re here now, not there then, and it’s equally important to attend to the present with care and commitment. In fact, she says, in doing so we are investing our very presence into our future, because until we can be fully present now we will never be fully present when our dreams come true either, and what a waste that would be!

So this weekend, take some time to stop, look around, fully be wherever you are right now. Let the future and past drop away. Breath and tend to the present moment. Do what needs to be done with reverence, knowing without a doubt that in doing so you’re making an investment of energy into your future. Not by wishing and hoping and finding fault with the present, but by developing the capacity to appreciate the perfection of every moment, so that when the future arrives you can embrace it completely, whatever it may bring.

Enjoy your weekend in the presence of this gentle and contemplative Moon.

Sarah Varcas

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