17th September – 3rd October 2014: Seeking Beyond Mind

by Sarah on 11/09/2014


Entering a New Dream

Image: ‘Entering a New Dream’ by Gary Rosenberg


Losing Meaning, Finding Truth


Sarah Varcas

Between now and the beginning of October Uranus, Chiron and Jupiter team up to support our quest for meaning and truth. They remind us, however, that the two are not always the same. Indeed, one of their key messages at this time is that truth may come without meaning, or entail an acceptance that meaning is only ever what we assign and not inherent at the heart of existence. The deepest truth may in fact be that there is no meaning that can make sense to the thinking mind and appreciation of the greatest and deepest truths requires that we abandon our search for order and step into unbridled chaos for our answers.

As human beings we ask so many questions of and about life. The mind forever wants to know, because in a world where the intellect is king and all else bows down to its mighty presence, knowledge is power. Except that it isn’t, because knowledge is only power when the mind is in charge and as long as the mind is in charge we can never know truth from the inside, only as a mental construct subject to our worship of logic and order. Beyond this order lies something altogether more raw and vibrant: an experience of the universe as pure energy, without thought or judgement, appraisal or analysis. In this place of no-thought we can truly come to know the essence of life, with or without meaning, in form or in chaos, understandable or way beyond the boundaries of our own cognition.

With the current backdrop of resilient Mars in Sagittarius we can risk diving into the chaos to find what lies beneath the surface of ordered philosophies and comforting beliefs. We can risk asking the dangerous questions and not lose ourselves in the void when the answers don’t match our expectations – if there are answers at all. This particular planetary alignment supports the search for truth, but especially the truths we rarely uncover simply because we ask the wrong questions, perceiving them to be the right ones. If we seek answers now which satisfy our thinking mind, our understanding of ‘right and wrong’, of karma as reward and punishment and the universe as somehow designed to quench our desires, we may be sorely disappointed with answers which reveal an altogether different order of reality that serves itself above all else, with our little lives coming way down the significance rankings!

If, however, we decide to ask in a different way, questions which felt too risky before, we may now uncover the very heart of deep truth which can open our eyes forever to a world infinitely complex and forever expanding in that complexity. These truths may reveal that we are not here to do what we thought or be who we believed; that the very nature of existence is far from previous perceptions formed when beholden to a mind occupied with the pursuit of its own satisfaction. We may have to relinquish all aspects of spiritual materialism at this time, releasing the need for results from our practice and apparently positive consequences from commitment to our spiritual path. This is the old order, the planets tell us now, of egoic satisfaction from a spiritual life. The new order is something very different, in which we relieve ourselves of the need to be what our ego demands and allow ourselves to become what the cosmos requires. We make that our goal, our triumph, our fulfilment, not the petty satisfactions of personal achievement and recognition.

As such, these truths can blow much out of the water and come as a harsh wake-up call from an ego-induced stupor. But the universe is not out to punish anymore than it’s out to reward. It’s just out, all the time everywhere, doing what it does in and around us. Once we step into its energetic flow we experience that flow throughout the many levels of our existence and being in such resonance will bear enjoyable fruit: relationships will become easier, goals in alignment with life will be more achievable, we will feel more at peace with ourselves whatever’s going on around us. These are the results of life in flow but once they become the whole point of the spiritual life they lose their resonance and are already receding from us once again. For nothing obscures ultimate truth more than perceiving its by-products as the goal. This they are not, but instead merely staging posts to be travelled through and beyond. If we perceive them as the destination and decide to stay put once we reach them , they will soon stale and we will find ourselves lost and alone once more as life has passed us by on its journey into infinity while we step aside and re-establish ourselves in egoic time and space.

Whilst this alignment may challenge us to focus in a different way upon the path ahead, and on first glance may be perceived as removing the very hope about which we have been speaking this week, when penetrated these truths do the exact opposite. In fact they promise deeper experience, greater alignment and a more vibrant life rooted in the knowledge that nothing matters more than the integrity of the whole, and our greatest role is always to honour that, not in the details of our tiny lives but in the enormity of the cosmic consciousness which flows through us every minute, out of which we are born and into which we are called to return with each breath. Once we recognise this as the essence of our path, all other questions become redundant for we are simply life living itself through us. Notions of meaning, reward, satisfaction and fulfilment become meaningless as our only priority is to be what we must and to live the life that being what we must entails, each and every day.

Sarah Varcas

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