17th May: The Uranus/Pluto Square is Within!

by Sarah on 17/05/2013



In The Crucible of Transformation


Sarah Varcas

We now find ourselves in the immediate approach to the Uranus/Pluto square exact on 20th/21st May. When Uranus, planet of awakening, innovation and the destruction of all that stands in their way, squares Pluto, planet of the deepest and most profound transformation possible, we encounter two of the most powerful forces in the universe engaged in a cosmic dance which will forever change the face of ourselves, our lives and our planet. This dance takes some time, occurring across the space of several years, but at each exact square we encounter a further shift of resonance and energy, propelling us more deeply into a new and increasingly authentic state of being.

When we encounter these energies at work in our lives they require respect and reverence. They’re not to be taken lightly or dismissed as irrelevant. These are sacred forces which act upon and within us, transmuting our shadows and darkest most fearsome places into light. They lead us into the crucible of transformation and we should follow with humility and faith, releasing all that we believe should be in our lives, to allow for its necessary reshaping. And as we allow these energies free-rein within our psyche and spirit we eventually come to recognise that they are as much within us as without. We embody the lightening power of Uranus and the destructive creativity of Pluto. We can be the Uranus/Pluto square in our own lives and the lives of those around us.

This recognition in itself is humbling, for in it we begin to encounter the truth of who we are, the power we hold, the Divine energy which courses through us. We begin to understand and know, without doubt, that we are propelled through life by something far greater than anything of which we can possibly conceive intellectually. And in this realisation we can no longer blame anyone or anything ‘out there’ for our lot, knowing that we contain the very essence of creative power within every cell of our being.

Which, of course, then begs the question: What do we do with this power? Where can we best apply it in our lives and how? It is both a responsibility and a blessing, and we need to honour it as such. How can we best do that?

As we approach the beginning of next week these are important questions to ask. The better able we are to apply this energy with conscious awareness in our lives, the more life-affirming and liberating the outcome. So consider this – Where in your life do you need Uranus to liberate you? Where do you need to be led into the darkness by Pluto, to go through and come out the other side into a whole new kind of light? We will each know the answers for ourselves, and once those answers have arisen within us the next step is to commit with every fibre of our being to embrace and own these energies as ourselves. They are a gift from the Divine, not a curse as some may have us fear. They break us in order to remake us. They challenge us to be what we thought we never could and then some… they have the ultimate faith in us: that no matter the challenge, no matter the depth of pain or height of pleasure, we can use it all to liberate ourselves and each other. We can do it. They know that. And so should we.


Sarah Varcas

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