17th July: Grand Trine in Water exact today

by Sarah on 17/07/2013


Holding the Healing Space


Sarah Varcas

Today the Grand Trine in Water reaches exactitude. In fact we have two Grand Trines in Water today, or more than that if you get really picky, but I figure that two involving seven planets and the North Node is enough to be going on with right now! I’ve talked a lot about these water energies in the past week (I apologise if it’s getting boring!), but there’s still more to say. With the Moon now in Scorpio teaming up with its own North Node for this powerful day of healing, we have the opportunity to reach into the very depths of our being and make contact with the darkest and most hidden places within us. It can feel scary to do this, like… what if we can’t find our way out again?! The things in those dark corners are there for a reason and we’d like them to stay there. But when the Moon and its Node are in the zodiac sign of deep water, resisting the invitation to plumb our own depths is an opportunity missed, especially today when there’s so much healing to be had.

We don’t have to make it some gore-fest of self analysis though! This isn’t about raking over our darkest thoughts, our most shameful impulses or our most painful secrets. No raking is required, just love and acceptance. A willingness to embrace them and know that life in the darkness is never easy and they’ve been there way too long. The invitation from the cosmos today is to allow every bit of us to enjoy the healing that’s available. Invite all of ourselves to the cosmic pool party to enjoy the refreshing waters and the company of good friends. We need to be that good friend to every part of ourselves that makes us who we are today. This moment in time gives us the opportunity to come into our own fullness, warts and all, and receive the blessing of the heavens as the Grand Trine hovers above us.

As we do this there’s no need for questioning, explanations or recriminations. We don’t need to know why we did what we did, think what we think or feel the way we do. Not today. Today we can just acknowledge that’s how it is and then offer it up for healing. Today is a day for the heart, not the mind. A day to be not to do, and whilst life often demands that we do anyway, even when we’d rather not, making the effort, just for a few minutes, to be still and receive the energies around us will bless us a thousand-fold.

There is also forgiveness in the air today, a gentle acknowledgement that whilst we may hurt ourselves and each other, ultimately we are all connected and those connections run far deeper than any disconnection that may occur at a personal level. Forgiveness is something often mentioned but rarely understood. It can’t be done in the blink of an eye. It’s not just about saying the words, it’s a process. It requires work. It’s something we must do, often repeatedly, until we get to that place in ourselves where the process of true forgiveness is complete. But today we receive powerful support for doing just that. We are invited to bring our pains and sorrows, grudges, recriminations and regrets to the altar of this Grand Trine and lay them there, to be washed away by the cosmic waters that flow all around us now.

Truly this is a powerful day and one to be honoured in whatever way feels right for us. Ten minutes sat quietly on a park bench is just as appropriate as an entire day spent in meditation. An evening walk around our neighbourhood, bringing a loving awareness to all that we hear and see, is just as healing as a sacred ritual. We will each know how best to honour these energies, to embrace the healing and forgiveness, to reach into the darkness and be gentle with what we find there. And as we do what we know we must the heavens will play their part, holding the healing space in which we can finally be free.

I wish everyone a day of deep healing and peace.

Sarah Varcas

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