17th January to 14th February 2014: The Ancients Speak

by Sarah on 17/01/2014

by Father John Giuliani

Image: by Father John Giuliani


Timeless Wisdom


Sarah Varcas

This weekend the voices of the ancients echo through time and space to reach us. They are always here, of course, whispering to us through their teachings, collective legacies and our cellular memories, but as Uranus shifts degree we begin a month of greater receptivity to what they have to share. Their wisdom may come to us through words, sensations, memories or just a plain old recognition of a previously obscured truth. We may dream them into our lives or find our hearts are called elsewhere, to other times and ages which hold a personal significance for us.

Experiences such as these come now at a time when we must find our way through the challenges of the modern age with great wisdom and foresight. They remind us that ultimate truth never changes and has been cherished throughout millennia by those who have gone before with eyes to see, ears to hear and minds open to the ever-present intelligence which beats at the heart of life itself. These days decision- making can be complicated by too much information and too many options at our finger-tips. The glorification of knowledge over instinct and hard, cold facts over intuition can cause much anxiety when what we instinctively know we should do flies in the face of all ‘common sense’.

As we progress into 2014 many find themselves at the edge of a metaphorical precipice, feeling with ever increasing urgency the desire to jump from the seemingly solid cliff edge into the unknown but inviting freedom of the space below, whilst knowing that to do so flies in the face of all apparently ‘good’ advice. We may find ourselves paralysed at the prospect of such a decision, whether it be to leave a relationship, step out of our career path or just hit the road and never look back. We feel the mounting tension within whilst we continue to walk the familiar path without, always with the security of the stable cliff top stretching out one side of us and the freedom of space and untapped potential calling to us on the other.

This weekend provides an opportunity to see our lives through the eyes of the ancients who share their wisdom with us now. They, too, had their own decisions to make, and whilst the details may be very different, the interplay of mind and heart, of social norms and spiritual truths, of fear and security were not. They too had a human mind and heart, felt love and attachment, desired a life of purpose and meaning amidst the mundanities of everyday responsibilities. They too suffered and sought an end to their suffering, just as we do now each time we wonder how to reshape our lives to allow a deeper authenticity to shine through.

There is great wisdom available to us now, tried and tested, powerful and incisive. It comes to remind us that ultimate truths are true forever and bind us to both those who walked before us on this earth and those who will follow in our footsteps in times to come. We can step into this stream of wisdom and make it our own anytime we choose, but it especially calls to us now, with secrets and insights to share.

Sarah Varcas

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