16th May: The Universe Knows Best!

by Sarah on 16/05/2013



Let Your Energy Lead the Way…


Sarah Varcas

Exhausted? If so you’re not alone. Many people are at the moment. Yet on the other hand many others are experiencing high energy and laser-sharp clarity of inner vision. It’s those extremes again, and isn’t it easy to judge ourselves accordingly and decide if we’re energised we’re doing it ‘right’ and if we’re not we’re doing it ‘wrong’? But today the planets encourage us not to take such a black and white view, remembering that these ups and downs of energy, enthusiasm and progress are all part of the process we’re going through. It doesn’t matter where you are on the spectrum of experience, you’re in the programme and that’s what counts!

It’s important to remember that the quality of our energy levels, be they physical, emotional or spiritual, reveal to us the tasks and activities to which we can best attend. There’s little point setting out to conquer the world when we’d rather curl up under the duvet and remain unconscious, and there’s little to be gained by sitting in quiet contemplation when we’re just itching to get out there and conquer the world! We need to respect the energy flowing through us at any one time and take heed of its messages. The more we can do this, the better able we become to respond to life in the moment, discerning what it needs from us and when. Otherwise we become numbed to its messages and clues, unwittingly demanding they become louder and more intrusive to get our attention.

Of course, everyday life inevitably, and often unavoidably, demands that we override our natural rhythms and energy flows at times. We have to go to work whether we like it or not. We can’t lie in bed when the kids need feeding and even the garden demands attention according to its own timetable! But there is usually some way we can honour our predominant energy levels more than we’re doing right now. It may just be committing to a stroll for half an hour in our lunch break, or taking a nap when we think we should really be doing the washing up. Or perhaps it entails changing arrangements to allow for an upsurge in energy which means we can now do something that’s been weighing on our mind.

Ultimately we are all just energy, vibrating at different rates and in different ways. Trying to push on through exhaustion is like forcing too strong a current through an electrical fuse. Eventually it’ll blow and all energy flow will stop. Likewise we don’t use the brightest light bulb we can find for our bedside lamp! We need to use the energy available to us appropriately. In this way we’re signalling to the universe our desire to be in deeper and deeper communion with it and it will respond in kind, embracing us into greater intimacy.

The cosmos speaks loud and clear on this, and yet we still think we know best! So just for today let’s agree that we don’t, that the universe knows better than we do. If it says rest, we’ll do it, and if it says jump higher than you ever have before, we’ll do that too. Follow your energy today, and see where it leads…

Enjoy your day.

Sarah Varcas

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