16th July 2013: Grand Trine in Water

by Sarah on 16/07/2013


Gentle Babble or Mighty Roar


Sarah Varcas

Over the next three days the Grand Trine in Water, building since the end of May, reaches exactitude. In doing so it brings to us a deeper experience of the force of healing at the heart of the universe. This is not personal healing, although of course we can draw upon it for personal use. This force of nature, which regulates all things to maintain balance and flow, exists not for our benefit but just because…. It is the heartbeat of the planet, the pulse of the cosmos and it reverberates through each and every being. We can tune it out if we choose, by believing our frantic thoughts of fear and blame, by getting lost in the world of competition, power and possessiveness, by refusing to recognise that something bigger is occurring around us which isn’t all about Little Old Me. Or we can embrace it, welcoming it into our lives and hearts, into our bodies and souls, allowing it to rebalance, to dissolve away the pain and fear, to reassure us that what we are is enough and bring us into alignment with the greater whole which moves always towards balance.

No matter our previous relationship with this universal heartbeat, this week we have an opportunity to align ourselves with it and truly begin to feel it pulsating within us. Whatever the nature of our deepest pain, biggest problem, most gripping fear, this Grand Trine comes to remind us that the universe is way bigger and far more able to cope with it, so why don’t we just hand it over: to the earth and the sky, to the water and the heavens, knowing that within them lies the promise of true healing and therefore true freedom.

When in the water element a Grand Trine always stimulates our emotions and there can be a risk that we lose ourselves in them without a compass to find our way out, becoming sodden with feelings that clog our pores and prevent the healing from getting in. We need to guard against this now. Healing waters are those that remain in motion and flow, not stagnant and dead. We need to move through emotion not wallow in it. And once we commit to doing so there are all manner of forces within this vast universe of ours that are poised to come to our aid at this time. The more we can welcome them the better, because come the end of this month this Grand Trine joins with another in the earth element, almost forming a rare Grand Sextile, providing us with an opportunity to put what we receive this week into practice in our everyday lives, transforming them forever if we let it.

But like I said, the energies available to us now aren’t here because of us, we’re here because of them! We are born of these energies, as is everything in this universe. They are our mother and father, our ancestors and descendants. They are the land around us and the blood that flows through our veins and whilst we may at times feel as far from them as we can imagine, in fact they are inside us always, waiting for us to remove our blinkers and see. So whilst we are invited to allow them in now, we are also invited to let them out, to radiate them all around from the heart of our very being, to be the healing force in the universe for others even as we receive it for ourselves.

This is a powerful and moving time. Are you feeling it? I know many are, and the tears that have been shed in recent weeks could fill the oceans many times over. But every tear carries within it healing and every broken heart is only waiting to be whole once again. This week the universe reaches out to remind us that wholeness is within our grasp and not some mystical thing we can only dream of for another life. So today, take some time to listen to the water, to its whispers and messages, to its gentle babble or its mighty roar, for therein lies the beating universal heart which forever guides us home.

Wishing great healing for all of us…

Sarah Varcas

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