16th August 2013: The Cosmic Call to Stillness

by Sarah on 16/08/2013


Open Eyes, Open Heart


Sarah Varcas

As the call to stillness continues, we are reminded today that stillness does not equal avoidance and it’s important that we recognise when we may have slipped from the former into the latter. A truly still heart can contain all that exists, both dark and light, pain and pleasure, love and hate. The duality of every day consciousness can be lovingly held within the still heart and acknowledged for what it is. But when we slip into avoidance, not stillness, it is harder to look the truth in the face: the depth and power of our emotions, the pains of the world, the broken lives of which there seem to be so many, sometimes including our own; these things are harder to bear when we are in avoidance. We cannot open our heart enough to allow them in.

Life is often far from a bowl of cherries and we may at times risk retreating into avoidance cloaked as stillness or denial cloaked as positivity. It takes a keen awareness to recognise if and when we do, and to know what triggers the shift. It may be fear we cannot face so we withdraw into the safety of non-engagement. Or perhaps discomfort with anger causes us to smile a false smile and say we’re ‘fine with it really’ and ‘what will be will be’. We tell ourselves that a positive thought will be enough to overcome a lifetime of resentment or a shift of focus will make the demons disappear. But none of this comes from stillness which is, by its very nature, still. It requires no movement to change what is, all it does is expand around it, to contain and hold it, for only in doing so can any lasting change begin.

Which is not to say we cannot act, because indeed we can and often must in order to transform ourselves, our lives and those of others. But to act before we have allowed our inner stillness to penetrate all-that-is in the moment necessarily reduces the power of our actions. If we cannot feel the full depth of what we seek to heal we cannot heal it fully. If we cannot face the devastation that is prevalent in many lives these days we cannot honour the magnificent enormity of the alchemy needed to bring lives back into balance. Both the enormity of the task and the endless well of healing from which we can all draw, are evident in the heavens now. No act of healing is too great for an infinite cosmos which continues to expand, just as no amount of suffering is more than a still heart can bear. The extent to which we avoid facing the fall-out of duality in our lives reflects the extent to which we are disconnected from that still heart within. If we turn away from suffering we also turn away from its remedy. We cannot tend a wound that we refuse to see.

It is the greatest challenge of the human condition, to acknowledge the depth of suffering in the world whilst also seeing through its illusory nature to the stillness beyond. It is this challenge which faces us now, for in looking at and then through, we can do so much more than looking around, over, or just turning away. A still heart is an open one, with open eyes to see, open ears to hear and open hands to give. And in that very openness is found the path to healing and wholeness, for you, for me, for all living beings and for this beautiful planet on which we live and have our being.

Love to everyone,

Sarah Varcas

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