15th June: Moon in Virgo

by Sarah on 15/06/2013


The Balance of Intellect and Intuition


Sarah Varcas

With the Moon now in Virgo, we have an opportunity to get to grips with the detail of things that have been overwhelming us of late and a connection between the Moon, Mars, Uranus and Pluto today helps us further with this task. There’s still a way to go, but although we may continue to feel somewhat intimidated by the challenges ahead we now have more cosmic allies to assist us.

A key aspect of today is how we think about things. We need to make our thoughts count and pay careful attention to the thought processes in which we engage. There’s much to be gained by thinking things through now. Strategising and planning are well aspected, as is getting to grips with complex issues that usually make our brains go pop before they’ve gotten anywhere with them! However, it’s vital that we apply ourselves well and to the things that really matter, not wasting these supportive energies on matters of little consequence in our lives.

It’s also important that we know when to stop thinking and allow the issue at hand to speak to us in different ways and through other channels. By all means, strategise and plan, but then sit for a while and daydream about it, let it play itself out as a fantasy for a while. See where that takes you. Pay attention to your feelings, physical sensations and emotions as you do this. Look around you and let your environment give you a sign about the things on your mind. Let Mother Nature give you her opinion on where you’re headed, speaking to you through the birds, flowers and animals around you. These are all ways to allow information to come to us to enhance what our minds have come up with, and the more we can allow all of this data to merge and create a more detailed picture of the issue at hand, the more we can learn about how we need to progress from here.

Historically the intellectual and the intuitive have been deeply divided, the former hailed and the latter ridiculed and vilified. But these days we’re re-writing that very history, recognising that ancient wisdoms have been passed down from age to age not only through intellectuals but also, and often primarily, through visionaries and mystics who have accessed that wisdom by engaging all manner of senses and abilities often ridiculed in the modern age. Each and every one of us lives now at the cutting edge of change and transformation, where we can engage both aspects of our psyche to fully know, at all levels, each moment of our lives and the vibrant energy which exists at its very heart. It is this cutting edge to which the heavens point us today, sharpening our minds and our intuition, enabling us to bring them both to the issue at hand in order to engage with and know it fully, inside and out, perhaps for the very first time.

Have a good day everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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