15th / 16th July 2015: New Moon in Cancer

by Sarah on 14/07/2015


 New Moon in Cancer, inner peace, effective action, conscious awakening, inner listening, mind and heart in balance


The Roots of Unshakeable Peace


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is new in the 24th degree of Cancer on 16th July at 1:25 am GMT. This is a moon of inner repose from which emerges focused and effective action. Her energy is both still and responsive to the environment in an ever flowing current of exchange between within and without. If our inner world is peaceful now we may be more sensitised to discordant influences around us. If our environment is peaceful we may be more acutely aware of internal tension which prevents us from enjoying the calm. The polarities of deep peace and stressful activity are highlighted by this moon.

Our inner state and external conditions may seem at odds, misaligned. We may feel inclined to hide away, a common impulse at the dark moon. But turning too completely within could disconnect us from issues in need of attention. If we find our yearning for peace is met with external disruption we must re-engage despite our desire for solitude. A decision-making process is beginning and unfinished business must be addressed to get things moving again. Whilst a new moon tends not to be the best time to act, this one reminds us that withdrawal can nourish the spirit or starve it of the stimulation needed for the next step. It is ours to carefully discern the role it plays for us now.

Gradually, piece by piece, the future is crystallising before us. The mixture of confusion, inspiration and creativity of recent weeks is slowly materialising our next step. We cannot force this process but instead must wait for sufficient clarity to act. In the meantime, this Moon highlights our response to the ever-present process of adjustment which aligns the disparate elements of our lives to birth the new. Do we resent external intrusions on our inner repose? Do we demand the world behave before we cultivate calm? Can we accommodate inner peace and external disruption, knowing them as two sides of the same divine coin, tossed to see which side is next up to land?

This moon brings healing if we need it. She reminds us we cannot control everything but are sovereign nonetheless, shaping our own lives in the face of the unpredictable. We do not achieve peace, but live it – or not – in every moment. It is a way of life, not a destination. Nor is it about stillness in all things but stillness in us, which enables an effective response to ever-present challenges. Peace dependent on circumstance is not peace but bondage. Peace cultivated regardless of how life behaves is a deep state of grace with which we bless ourselves.

If our inner calm is too easily shattered it’s time to do something about it. We may need to commit to regular times of silence to foster deeper, more abiding peace, or deal with some outstanding issues that forever leave us depleted of energy and stressed before we begin. Perhaps we too easily give in to life’s demands, reacting rather than responding, allowing our energy to be leached by our environment rather than using it with conscious intent. It’s time to to take our peace to the next level and address whatever stands in its way. Whilst inner peace will not control the world, it enables us to live with clarity and effectiveness, not tossed on the unpredictable waves of chance which crash upon us when we least expect!

Inner peace fostered now will bless us with support and protection in the months ahead. We can live fast or slow, in joy or grief, hectic or relaxed, sure in the knowledge we can always draw from the very wellspring of Sacred Source: a still heart and a quiet mind. We cannot shape all elements of the outer world but we are sovereign within. This moon delights in our capacity for engaged calm and vibrant peace, knowing them as the source from which pours forth our life. Peace within more than compensates for a lack of it without and life lived from the unshakeable calm of a knowing heart allows for possibilities denied when stability depends on control of the outside world. Life lived at the mercy of events offers conditional peace, shattered by change. Life lived from the quiet of our own heart guarantees peace no matter what: the source of all we need to fulfil our awakened potential.

Sarah Varcas

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