14th/15th June – 17th/18th September 2015: Saturn in Scorpio

by Sarah Varcas on 08/06/2015


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Gifts That Last a Lifetime


Sarah Varcas

As part of its current retrograde passage Saturn returns to Scorpio for a final three months before settling in Sagittarius until the end of 2017. Its mission is to tie up loose ends left over from its stay in Scorpio between October 2012 and December 2014. If we avoided Saturn’s demand that we look beneath the surface and face squarely our own shadow, the next three months may remind us that what we refuse to acknowledge doesn’t go away but instead awaits its moment to be seen. No one likes to be ignored and feelings are the same. They’re there for a reason and have a message to communicate. Saturn in Scorpio points to some of the hardest ones to hear – fear, rage, envy, despair. We don’t want to spend time with them, but Saturn assures us that every moment spent thus reduces their power over us. They are part of us. Not some demon possession to be eradicated but a living, breathing part of who we are, in need of acceptance and embrace.

Saturn wants us resilient, wise and strong, able to withstand the challenges of life, capitalise upon its opportunities and carry our share of responsibility. It puts us through boot-camp, locks us in the exam hall for hours on end and tests our mettle at every turn. It can feel like punishment, but when we decide to do our bit, take our part because it’s ours to take, something begins to shift. Facing fear becomes a little easier, the patience needed to reach our goal is somehow more available, our ability to endure when we thought we were broken increases notch by notch. Saturn wants us whole, not fragmented by fear and avoidance. It will do what it takes to get us that way, but welcomes us as allies in the process. When we can embrace challenge as a creative catalyst we come to know obstacles not as life gone wrong or a frustrating distraction from our plans, but an essential part of existence, honed to better shape us for the road ahead.

Saturn is nothing if not pragmatic. If there’s a problem, deal with it! This is Saturn’s way. In Scorpio it seeks not only to solve the problem but penetrate to its deepest roots and dig them out to prevent its return. Even things we thought we’d dealt with could resurface in the coming months. Relationships may replay old dynamics; stable situations may begin to go pear-shaped; our own inner calm – bought with blood, sweat and tears – may waver. All of these and more are signs that Saturn in Scorpio has returned to finish what it started and tie up loose ends. Whilst our first temptation could be to bury our face in our hands and think everything’s going horribly wrong, the only wrong thing would be that assumption! In fact we are being strengthened by Saturn’s penetrating power and profound wisdom. The more we can embrace its gifts, the more grateful we will be for this opportunity to cover old ground and complete the past once and for all.

If, however, we play the victim, bemoaning our unjust fate, Saturn won’t tolerate our self-pity and we may feel a sharp thwack across our knuckles! No matter how well we can justify feeling sorry for ourselves, Saturn knows life as something we rise to meet, not something we allow to batter us down. It sees self-pity as an intolerable abdication of responsibility and power, both of which have been given us in droves! To pretend otherwise is to deny the very stuff of life. Saturn’s cycles mature us, placing strength in our heart, wisdom in our mind and iron in our soul. To reject its intervention and play the victim card is akin to turning one’s back on divine grace in favour of a lucky charm. Saturn is in it for the long haul and wants us in it too. It sees our potential, the challenges ahead, what we need to endure and the blessings of doing so. It rewards us with patience, wisdom and foresight, inner security and a deep, deep peace born of knowing ourselves so well that nothing can shake us on the path ahead.

In the coming months these gifts are offered to one and all. Wrapped in responsibility and hard work, they may not look like much to begin with, but once revealed and made our own their value will be clear. These are gifts that last a lifetime. Precious beyond measure. They will never let us down and no matter their present cost, their future worth will surpass all we could imagine. In time the wisdom of current trials will be plain as day and poetic as the sunset, and Saturn’s blessings will forever pave the path ahead.

Sarah Varcas

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