14th June: We Live in a Soft Centered Universe!

by Sarah on 14/06/2013


Cosmic Confectionery


Sarah Varcas

The charts for today remind me of these sweets we used to have when I was a child. They were one of my dad’s favourites. My mum referred to them as ‘soft centres’, though I don’t know if that was their real name. I had an ambivalent relationship with these sweets because the outside of them was very hard and took way too long, in my opinion, to get through before I could enjoy the sticky, sweet fruity filling which I loved so much. Why I couldn’t just have the filling without the boiled-sweet shell I just couldn’t understand!

The heavens are looking a lot like one of those sweets today, and for a few days to come. In their heart is a well of gentle, healing, loving energy, but we have to get through a fairly thick unappealing shell of obstacles and challenges to get to it. The difficulty with such a combination of energies is our tendency to resonate with the sensitivity at the centre, which then makes dealing with the outer shell even more difficult. We feel hyper-sensitive to everything. We may experience overwhelm and wonder quite what the universe has got against us at the moment! The answer is: nothing. None of this is personal, no matter how personal it feels (and believe me, I KNOW how personal it feels!). Just like the sweet manufacturers who placed that annoying shell around my favourite soft centre, it’s not done out of malice, it’s just the way of things, the particular formation of cosmic energies at this time. A soft centre without a container just makes an ill-defined mess, but one that we reach after dealing with that annoying boiled sweet exterior… now that really feels like heaven when you get there!

Wherever we’re feeling the tension at the moment, and it could just as well be across the board rather than in one particular area of our life, the universe encourages us to be patient, don’t panic, don’t act rashly in an attempt to ease the pressure, and certainly don’t give up. We are being shown something of how we, life and the universe are constructed now. Layers are being revealed; paradigms and dimensions exposed. It can be disorienting because we know there’s something altogether more whole, nurturing and accepting at the heart of all that is, but somehow we can’t seem to connect with it when we most need to. It can feel like a bad joke, or (if you’re me) a really tempting but annoying sweet.

So please, take heart if this is you because this too shall pass, and the soft centre is there just waiting to release its sweetness when the time is right. In the meantime we are learning patience and acceptance, faith and trust. And we are being shown that life in all its beauty and complexity contains everything all the time. Even when it feels brittle and harsh, the centre is soft and inviting. The key is to find our way to this centre as directly as we can, and still be patient when it seems to be taking longer than we’d hoped.

May love, peace and healing surround us all.

Sarah Varcas

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