14th August 2013: Scorpio Quarter Moon

by Sarah on 14/08/2013


Confident Caution


Sarah Varcas

Today we have a waxing Quarter Moon in Scorpio. At this point in the Moon’s cycle energies are on the increase and we are best focused upon identifying our goals, defining our action plan and getting to grips with the steps needed to get us from here to there. Given this consideration of new possibilities and expanded horizons, we may find that old fears and anxieties surface, quelling our enthusiasm and whispering, oh so softly, about how it’s really much safer staying in the shadows than stepping onto a new path in daylight and owning the hopes and dreams we’ve been privately nurturing. Which, of course, makes this a perfect time for facing fears and challenging the voices inside that keep us bound to anxieties long past their use-by date.

Lunar cycles are created by the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. In their endless dance they speak of the interconnectedness between our conscious will (the Sun) and our instinctive and feeling self (the Moon). Sometimes in harmony, sometimes at odds, we see played out in the heavens the very same dynamic which occurs within us every day as we navigate our way through the layers of our psyche in order to live life to the best of our ability. At the time of the Quarter Moon the Sun and Moon are in a state of friction, but one that holds great potential if they can work out their differences and find a way to blend their energies. With the Sun now in its own sign of Leo, self confidence is high and the personal will strong and vibrant. A feeling of entitlement prevails and we can sense the rewards that the universe has in store for us. But the Moon in Scorpio reminds us there are all kinds of pitfalls out there, saboteurs waiting round the corner, catastrophes lurking in the wings. If we fail to acknowledge that we could end up making a complete fool of ourselves and destroying even the progress we’ve made thus far. In fact, there are so many possibilities for failure out there we might be better off not trying. At least that way the outcome’s guaranteed and we won’t be getting our hopes us…

It sounds like a downbeat, depressing message and certainly not one that the Sun in Leo wants to hear. But the key to working with this Scorpio Quarter Moon is to recognise that its message becomes more and more dramatic and doom laden the more we dismiss it. When, however, we agree to take account of some of those pitfalls and put in place contingency plans for the potential obstacles predicted, this Moon begins to metamorphose from doom-mongerer extraordinaire to a quiet but determined voice of resolve and commitment. All she wants is for us to take note of potential risks and be ready to act if they arise and to celebrate if they don’t. And we all know how the Sun in Leo likes a good celebration from time to time! This is not a Moon that wants to prevent our growth and expansion, she just wants to make sure we know what we’re doing and we’re ready for what it takes to get to where we want to be. That’s all.

So today we have both self-confidence and practical caution on our side. The key to working with them constructively is to embrace the confidence whilst recognising that, in this world of endless possibility, anything could happen and it may not all be to our liking. Contingency plans are never a bad thing if they help us move forward with greater confidence and a heightened state of preparedness for obstacles in our path. And they can be a great tool for working through those fears I mentioned, because in the face of rational plans many fears wither and die, knowing they can no longer fill us with that powerful nameless dread once we’ve named it and come up with a workable solution, albeit one we may never even need!

Have a good day everyone!

Sarah Varcas

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