13th June: Mars, Uranus & Pluto – In Lak’ech Ala K’in

by Sarah on 13/06/2013


‘You Are Another Myself’


Sarah Varcas

Today Mars, Uranus and Pluto join forces until 20th. This potent combination of cosmic giants may cause us to react to life in ways that create unnecessary disruption whilst contributing little towards our original intentions. It’s therefore important to remember that the backdrop to these times is one of healing and release rather than clinging and control. If we find ourselves becoming overly intent on getting life to work out our way, we would do well to stop, take a deep breath and remember that the universe is so much more complex than we can ever imagine, and we are never in possession of the full facts! What may look to us like the perfect solution to a conundrum could be little more than a passing distraction which will mean very little to us in due course. If we fight too hard to secure its presence in our life now we may find ourselves regretting our tenacity in the not too distant future!

When Mars, Uranus and Pluto team up in this way the central message is one about power: our own personal power and the power of the universe, the Divine, the God Force (whatever terminology works for you). We are being reminded of two paradoxical truths: that the Divine is within us, but at the same time we are mere tiny specks in the universe, insignificant and inconsequential. Depending upon personal perspective, the former of those truths may be more palatable than the latter (or perhaps not!). In any event, the heavens ask us to engage with these truths in the coming days and find some resolution to their inherent paradox.

Everyone contains within both these aspects of being. We are all shot through with divine energy just as much as we each frequently relate to the world from a tiny, personal ego-centric place which can appear to diminish that inherent divinity. We have to work to realise the Divine within, but the ‘little me’ is just right there ‘in your face’ from the moment we awake in the morning! And it is this ‘little me’ which relates to the world through a lense of duality: me and you, them and us, right and wrong. The Divine knows all these things to be false, of course, but we do them anyway, because somehow that’s how we’re programmed and programming can take a long time to shift!

There’s a reason for this love of duality of course. It’s more comfortable than living with the paradoxical nature of the universe in which all that we see outside of us exists also within; in which we are responsible for the quality of our consciousness in each moment, because we know without a doubt that it contributes directly to the collective energy field from which we all draw our living breath. Black and white certainty is easier to navigate than both/and, ‘as within so without’ and, as the Mayans say ‘You are another myself’.

But Mars, Uranus and Pluto don’t do easy! They do facing challenge and standing up to be counted, they do obstacles that liberate and destruction of the old to release the new. They warn us now that dualistic answers which keep us cosy in our smallness won’t cut the mustard anymore. The universe is vast, and the Divine even vaster. There are no words, only experience to be had. In the coming few days we are invited into that experience of the Divine, within and without, above and below, all around; in you, in me, in everyone. If we fail to embrace this opportunity we may find ourselves battling with a universe that knows far better than we do, in a fight we can never win, not in a million years. Sound like a waste of energy? Yes… exactly! So let’s not bother!

In Lak’ech Ala K’in: You are another myself.

Love and blessings.

Sarah Varcas

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