13th July: Mars enters Cancer

by Sarah on 13/07/2013


Floating Not Drowning


Sarah Varcas

Today Mars enters Cancer until the end of August, joining the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter there. In these watery realms he feels somewhat out of place, unable to make his mark in the way he would wish. Imagine trying to run through waist-deep water and you’ll get an idea of how Mars will be feeling in the coming few weeks. And given that Mars shows us how to go about acting upon our desires and getting things done, you can probably get my drift that we’re not about to embark upon some intensely active and energetic period!

There are many of us, however, who will be relieved to know this. Since the beginning of June Mars was in Gemini, creating a tendency for us to over-think everything, to get lost in the mental noise of planning, wanting and wishing but unable to find the action to follow it up. There are always plenty of distractions when Mars moves through this air sign and his subsequent entry into Cancer can often come as something of a relief as we can let go of the incessant thinking and rest more into the feel of our lives. Mars in Gemini can be exhausting, even without actually doing anything! All that mental chatter, ideas about this and then that and then the other and back to this again!! Ugh…our heads can be spinning even before we’ve gotten out of bed in the morning! So even though Mars himself is not greatly impressed with his new watery abode, we may just feel a little relief from it, for a while at least.

Of course, as we all know there’s water everywhere at the moment! With seven planets and the North Node in water signs, and the Grand Trine in Water reaching exactitude next week it’s tempting to think if we get anymore water we’ll all drown and that’ll be that! And certainly many feel they may be doing just that at the moment. Emotions are washing over us in tidal waves right now. Old feelings and memories are as raw as they ever were. The stark contrast between the parts of our lives in which we are contented and at peace and the parts which challenge and stretch us is even harsher than usual. The world of feelings and emotions is in high definition right now, a 3D block-buster being played out inside us as we try to navigate through our days like everything’s okay really!

So despite discomfort with his current predicament, Mars has an important message to share as he enters the Cancer: we can stop thinking, stop wondering, strategising, searching this way and that for answers and understanding, wondering if this technique or that new therapy might be the thing that finally sorts us out. For a while now we can just be, not striving to run through water but allowing ourselves to be immersed in it, recognising that no matter how much we pit ourselves against it, its force will always be far greater than anything we can muster. When water is all around, the best thing we can do is learn to swim a bit and float a bit, swim a bit more and float a bit more. And as we do so the water can do its job of cleansing and clearing all of the old that still clings to us, gradually wearing it away and carrying it off downstream.

When we finally emerge from these watery times (and it’s going to be a while yet), we will be clean and fresh like never before. Sparkling! It’s something to look forward to. It can be dark in these waters I know. They run deep and wide, and our fear of water can be powerful. But these are healing waters and as they reacquaint us with emotions that we hoped we were done with and issues that we thought we’d resolved, they do so only to eventually lighten our load and make it so much easier to float into a brighter future.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

Sarah Varcas

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