13th – 15th September 2013: Cosmic Chameleon

by Sarah on 13/09/2013


Blending in With Life


Sarah Varcas

This weekend we have the opportunity to learn the blessings of blending in. There exists a chameleon-like feel to the heavens and shape-shifting is in the air. Having gotten to grips with the demands of the material realm at yesterday’s Quarter Moon we now have an opportunity to encounter more mystical energies.

Life is a mystery. This we know, and no matter how much we try to make it comprehensible and explain away its paradoxes, it remains so none the less, impervious to our attempts to dumb it down for easier consumption! The injustices and blessings of life, the turns of events that can both destroy and create in equal measure, the coincidences and synchronicities, the logic and insanity, all ultimately defy our attempts at understanding because the mind is way too small to contain the infinity of the universe and make sense of it.

So this weekend it’s time to step out of our minds, of our fears and thoughts, ideas, hopes, questions and plans, into a direct experience of life itself, as it is, all around us. And to do this we need to be prepared to blend in and breathe. That’s all. Wherever we are, just become part of our environment and allow it to become part of us. This kind of exchange is an alchemical one, for as we allow our barriers and boundaries to fall away and we experience the life inside and all around us as one, something new is born: a resonance with the beating heart of the planet, with the breath of the wind, the buzz of the crowds, the needs of those whom we have heretofore failed to acknowledge. We begin to know life rather than think about it. We know how it feels, in our veins, on our skin, in our lungs. We encounter the energy of life as our very essence and meet ourselves within it.

When we step into the flow of life in this way we come to realise the incredible and vibrant energy that it is. Human beings spend so much time tired, burned out, stressed and distracted that we can forget just how refreshing it really is! Until we step into it and experience it directly we forget how blessed we are to be alive. It is this blessing to which the cosmos points this weekend. We don’t have to do or think, speak or act, we can just be and blend in, and in doing so we will receive the most powerful healing of all: that which is life itself, coursing through our veins unfettered, cleansing our hearts and minds with its gentle but penetrating touch.

As we do this it may look like we’re doing nothing, going nowhere, but in fact we’ve never been more alive. For blending with life is the ultimate purpose of having it in the first place and this weekend provides a golden opportunity to do exactly that… one not to be missed!

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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