13th – 15th December 2013: Deep Wisdom from Deep Space

by Sarah on 13/12/2013


Your Mission for 2014 Is…


Sarah Varcas


A couple of weeks ago we encountered a powerful ‘portal’ to divine wisdom in the form of a conjunction between the Black Sun and Black Moon Lilith, the latter of which was travelling retrograde through Cancer. Questions posed then, to the greater intelligence which exists all around us, were super-charged to elicit answers with the capacity to take us deeper into cosmic wisdom than ever before. This weekend we encounter the next stage of this process as Black Moon Lilith returns to the same position on her return journey.

Moving forward this time, she encourages us to do the same with our newly found wisdom in hand: an ‘upgrade’ of insight which can take us forward into the coming new year. Black Moon Lilith speaks from our very depths. She is the truth we cannot deny, the warrior who rises up within us to fight the good fight no matter what. She knows that without truth nothing matters anyway, no matter what we may otherwise salvage through its denial. Black Moon Lilith holds us to account and a mirror up to our face demanding that we look ourselves in the eye and be honest about what we see. She is unrelenting in her pursuit of truth and freedom, and each of us has her within us, screaming to be heard. We can ignore her if we wish, keep our fingers in our ears or the noise of everyday life so loud that we don’t have to acknowledge her presence, but doing so will become more and more difficult as we enter the new year and she spends increasing amounts of time in Leo where she will roar like never before!

Fortuitously, just prior to Lilith’s return pass of the Black Sun, Mercury crosses the Great Attractor on Saturday. This point in space which draws our own and other galaxies towards it at lightning speed reflects that thing which irresistibly draws us forward in life: the call to wholeness, the movement of life within us seeking to join with all other life, not remain forever isolated in the state of physical separation into which we, at first glance, appear to have been born. Mercury here brings information, encoded from deep space, about our destiny. It may come to us as a feeling, a vision, deep inner knowing or an irresistible impulse. However Mercury translates this energy to make it meaningful for our own journey, we can rest assured we are being shown something of the future, not in terms of a prophecy set in stone or a premonition unchangeable by will or circumstance, but in terms of possibility and potential. This weekend we can directly experience the possibility of planetary awakening and what that would mean for all of us, for every creature on Earth, for our universe and all life within it. And in experiencing the resonance of that potential we will also receive our instructions, our particular personal mission which forms an essential part of that awakening. For without each of us doing our part there are no guarantees, only hope and possibility.

Which is where the Black Sun comes in, providing us a choice-point, an opportunity to live our commitment to transformation with every cell of our being or give up the ghost and shy away from the demands of the path ahead. We will never be forced to change, to release the old ways and become new again. We will never be coerced into this conscious evolutionary state. We can’t be! It’s our consciousness and if we choose to keep it shut down so be it. But everything in the cosmos wants us awake and vibrant, on board with what’s needed, committed to the path ahead whatever it takes. And as this year comes to a close it’s pulling out all the stops to get us there!

So this weekend we can receive the blueprint of our mission for the year ahead. We may need to wait a bit for the detail to be drawn in but the outline will be there. It may look quite different to what we had anticipated or be in total accord with what we already know. Its very arrival may shake us awake to what we have to do and who we have to be. Whatever we receive and however it makes us feel, we must remember that the universe needs each one of us to step up and do our bit to create a sustainable future built upon foundations of uncompromising wisdom, fearless compassion, courageous love and a deep irrefutable knowing that we are all one and no one gets there alone.

Sarah Varcas

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