12th May: Moon conjunct Jupiter in Gemini

by Sarah on 12/05/2013



Love Is Letting Go


Sarah Varcas

Today Jupiter and the Moon join hands in Gemini, expanding our horizons and providing us with a much needed confidence boost. The confidence of Gemini is not about power and durability, but about the ability to shake things off and move on when necessary. It’s the confidence to know when something no longer requires our attention and has completed its purpose for us, giving us the ability to let go without regret.

Against the backdrop of Venus, Saturn and Neptune introducing some powerful lessons about the nature of love over the coming few days, this Moon/Jupiter message is an interesting one. It can be easy to overlook the aspect of love which tells us to ‘let go and let god’. When our emotions and desires are aroused, letting go is just about the last thing we can do! And of course, that’s fine and understandable. Like anything that hooks us at an emotional level, its power over us can be immense. But love has many faces and letting go is one of them. We may express love for another by allowing them space and time to go through their own process of development and insight. We may express love for ourselves by stepping out of a painful dynamic and deciding that a boundary is needed to enable us to move on. We may express love by refusing to provide what someone else needs to encourage them to find it within themselves and be forever blessed with more self-reliance and inner strength.

The complexities of love run wide and deep, and we are all on a journey to discover more and more about them. It can be a rocky and painful journey, and a blissful and inspiring one. It can reveal to us aspects of ourselves and each other that we would rather not face, just as it can also reveal the pure heart at the centre of each of us that forever seeks expression. Love is not what we thought it was, and yet it is, and more. It is the biggest mystery, the deepest and most profound truth, and no matter what we say about it, eventually only silence can allow it to speak its truths in full.

So today we are encouraged to consider the face of love that expresses itself through letting-go and releasing, recognising that all things have their time and place and when that time and place has passed they must be allowed to return from whence they came, into the Universal Heart within which we all exist and have our being.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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