12th June: Moon in Leo

by Sarah on 12/06/2013


Mismatches Made in Heaven


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is now in Leo where she remains for a couple of days, flying the flag for the fire element in the face of an abundance of air and water energy. She has quite a task on her hands and may feel somewhat pressured as a result. There’s a ‘mismatch’ of energy arising from this Moon placement, which could end up being acted out in our relationships. We may, for example, be full of emotion in the presence of someone who thinks we just need to get on with things and stop making such a fuss. Or we may find ourselves inspired to act on a hunch or whim but need the assistance of someone else who’s too caught up in their own world to help when we need them. It’s almost as if we’re living in slightly parallel universes to each other, sharing the same physical space but somehow not quite connecting. This can leave us feeling unsettled, if not downright anxious. And when people get anxious, conflict and misunderstandings often arise…

So… what’s the best way to manage this particular Moon? Well, we could just be patient until it moves on into Virgo in a couple of days but that seems like a rather defeatist approach and isn’t making much use of a currently rare injection of the fire element into our collective energy field. Far better that we appreciate the differences this Moon reveals to us and find positive ways to use them in our daily lives. If, for example, we find ourselves at odds with someone we may want to explore more deeply why that’s so, in order to address the underlying problem rather than its more surface expression. If we find ourselves full of emotion in the company of someone who just doesn’t ‘get’ what the problem is we may benefit from adopting a bit of their detachment, or vice versa we may learn something from adopting a more emotional approach to an issue that we previously addressed in a logical and intellectual manner.

Essentially, the issue here is one of perspective and how different perspectives clash and confront each other within relationships of all kinds. Whilst we tend to gravitate towards those people who share our perspective (far more comfortable that way!), in the next couple of days this may be harder to do so we’ll just have to get on with things anyway. Doing so requires a certain ability to accommodate others without too drastically abandoning our own position on something. It also requires the recognition that other people are not obliged to see things from our point of view no matter how sensible and obvious it may appear to us!

There are lessons to be learned, now, about how we manage the differences between ourselves and the people around us. If we are willing to engage with those lessons we could learn something very useful for the journey ahead, not only about ourselves but also about other people and just how different to us someone can be and yet still an ally nonetheless….

Love to everyone,

Sarah Varcas


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