12th July 2014: Full Moon in Capricorn

by Sarah on 06/07/2014


 Speaking Out & Shutting Up


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is full at 11:26 am GMT in the 21st degree of Capricorn. This Moon speaks of the need to manage our unique individuality in such a way that we can also take our place in the crowd when necessary. She speaks of team effort and solo performance, the one and the many, standing out from the crowd and disappearing within it. These two extremes are frequently encountered in life: we want to be noticed but not too much, for a high profile brings with it all manner of responsibilities and expectations. We want to be accepted but not to the extent that our individuality is lost amidst the grey of the group. We want to be special, but it’s a lot to live up to!! Navigating the terrain of individuality at a time when the collective is so much in need of our commitment is an interesting path indeed and this Moon has much to say about it.

All too often human beings create division according to belief. It’s easily done and seems so blindingly obvious: we gather with those who share our views and move away from those who don’t. The more stark the difference the bigger the gap between us. This is how we have functioned throughout history, building communities for good or ill, starting wars or supporting each other. Building bridges or barriers accordingly. As we move into the Age of Aquarius this is one of the many habits that needs change. It won’t happen overnight, and as some seek to overcome these divisions, others will make them stronger and more enduring. It’s a challenging path ahead and we will need courage and fortitude to walk it. It is also a rewarding one if we can see it through, offering a more peaceful and cohesive future for this planet and all who live upon her.

With the advent of this Full Moon we have the opportunity to consider the global community and our place within it. What does it mean to be alive at this time, at the shift of ages, a shift which will define and shape the future in unprecedented ways? What responsibilities do our circumstances place in our hands, whether we like it or not?! At this time the heavens speak of woundedness as much as they speak of oneness. As a global community we have wounded ourselves with war and famine, oppression, violence and greed. We each of us carry these wounds as part of the whole. We may resonate with one aspect of them more than others, but we all have our own imprint of global collective pain. Highlighting this is not intended to bring us down, hopeless in a heap of despair, but wake us up to the possibility of healing which, when done on a personal level, itself heals the collective in the same moment.

At times, looking out on the world we may feel overwhelmed with all that needs to change. As someone said to me yesterday, an apocalypse is happening for many people on this planet in the form of war, drought, flood, famine, disease. If we are not facing one of these powerful forces we are already blessed, and we must decide now, how we utilise this blessing for the good of the whole. It is no longer enough to seek personal satisfaction as the fruits of a spiritual path. No, the fruits need to be demonstrated in terms of the collective, transforming who we are and how we live in such a way that the very nature of life itself on this planet can begin to shift to a more sustainable, less violent and more inclusive form.

Which brings us back to the issue of the individual and the collective, for in performing this balancing act well, we can live in such a way that we are both satisfied and selfless! Placing the greater good above personal gain, whilst creating the life which sustains us in positive ways. To live with discernment and awareness at this time in our global history requires a willingness to compromise alongside a commitment to stand firm in our own truth. It requires generosity of spirit and determination which says ‘no’ when no is needed. And most of it all it requires the wisdom to know the difference between all these things. To know the best response at the right time and to have the courage to follow through.

This Full Moon calls upon us to stand up and speak out whilst sitting down and shutting up when necessary! We might get it wrong sometimes, and that’s okay too, but as long as we continue to ask ourselves how what we want personally serves the whole, we can begin to create a burgeoning wave of healing change that can ultimately transform the world.

Sarah Varcas

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