12th – 16th September 2014: Venus trine Pluto

by Sarah on 11/09/2014


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The Beauty of Rebirth


Sarah Varcas

Venus and Pluto align in a supportive way now, prior to the completion of Pluto’s current retrograde passage later this month. These two planets carry very different energy signatures. Pluto’s is forceful, potentially destructive, deeply creative. It strips away every last ounce of dross to reveal the very essence of all things. It breaks down to rebuild, destroys to recreate and forces open to make secure in the longer run. Many fear Pluto, we all do at some point for it comes to us as loss and death, violence, illness, chaos, until we can recognise its presence as part of us, not some outside formidable force, and realise that we too have the power of Pluto at our disposal and can use it to rebuild our own lives, recreate our own path and continue on in the face of any and all of the obstacles ahead.

Venus, on the other hand, is altogether more congenial! She brings us pleasure, comfort, security and harmony. She bids us relax, take the weight off! We meet her in those things which ease our minds and hearts, infuse our lives with beauty and affection and remind us that the human existence is a sensual, physical one, to be embodied and enjoyed, not simply tolerated and endured until we can attain some less corporeal form!! Generally speaking we have a much easier time owning our inner Venus than we do our inner Pluto. We are far more comfortable with embracing our capacity for pleasure than we are our capacity for destruction! We prefer to own our sensuality than our rage, our affectionate side than our darkest despair.

When these two planets align as they are now we have the opportunity to blend their energies in a positive way, such that a third resonance is born, combining the pleasure of Venus with the raw power of Pluto. It is this energy which enables us to find the beauty in challenge, the potential in loss, the creative power in what seemed like purely destructive despair. After that humdinger of a Full Moon conjunct Chiron, this is very timely. For those facing wounds exposed by Chiron’s lunar illumination, Venus and Pluto now team up with a powerfully encouraging message of hope and possibility.

Of course, as with all things astrological we have to do our part. We are not mere helpless subjects in this vast universe, unable to play any kind of positive part in our own hapless fate. We are bundles of energy, forces of light, we embody the brightest illumination, the darkest shadows and everything in between. It is entirely up to us what we do with all that we are and right now we have a choice to make: do we keep old wounds open and weeping, forever reminding us of lost opportunities, painful regrets and bitter betrayals or do we allow Venus and Pluto to align within us as they are in the heavens, initiating us into the pleasure of transformation, the beauty in the breaking down of old structures and the security inherent in knowing that no matter what we lose, our capacity to gain more than we could ever imagine is just a moment of acceptance away.

If the Full Moon came with emotional challenges and sensitivities, perhaps a re-emergence of old patterns, memories re-energised and wounds opened anew, this current alignment comes with the encouragement to find comfort in the process and recognise the necessity for a cleansing of the old before rebirth can occur. We cannot side-step our past anymore than we can hurdle over aspects of our future that we would just as soon avoid. We must live it all, every moment, for in doing so we are fulfilling the legacy of who we are; we are living the life with which we have been entrusted by forces more powerful than we can comprehend. This is the great mystery of life: who, why and what? Who are we really, why are we here and what should we do? While answers simply beget more questions, Venus and Pluto remind us that only what happens right now matters, and it is how we live the present that truly counts. They invite us to relax into the changes, embrace the old before letting it go and find the deep, abiding pleasure in knowing that we are a part of something so vast we could never comprehend in a million years the significance of each moment. All we can do is live each one, fully and without fear, knowing that in doing so the next and the next after that will take us deeper into the mystery that is our very existence.

Sarah Varcas

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