11th/12th November 2015: New Moon in Scorpio with Black Moon Lilith entering Scorpio on 16th November 2015

by Sarah Varcas on 09/11/2015


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The Making of Spiritual Warriors



Sarah Varcas

The New Moon occurs on 11th November at 5:48 p.m. UT, in the 20th degree of Scorpio. This Moon invites us to embrace her darkness and enter the unknown, faithful that doing so will lead us not into danger, but into the arms of wisdom which waits to illuminate our every dark corner. We may feel ambivalent about this Moon, both desirous of her influence and unsure of her intentions. Moved to look behind the veil of consciousness, our fear of the mysteriously unsettling realm of the unconscious may insist we risk too much in our eagerness for insight. ‘Perhaps ignorance will prove to be bliss?’, it suggests, ‘and there’ll be no going back once you’ve seen what the darkness reveals’. ‘What if wisdom is too much knowledge, too much responsibility, too great a challenge to your instinctive denial of the less desirable aspects of yourself and others?’.

Yes, this is a challenging Moon for sure, but not one to fear, for its challenge is an opportunity to demonstrate our deep commitment to awakening and our resolve to journey ever deeper into the most sacred Self. This journey may not be inviting, not full of sparkles and light. To know The Self we must know the self; the tiny, limited, fearful self which tells us we must be acceptable or ‘good’, ‘nice and kind’, or tough enough to ‘beat the bastards at their own game’; the self born of a need to be admired or revered, protected or hidden from the penetrating gaze of the outside world. This self is born of pain, separation and fear. It tells us we are at risk; that we must fight to protect our corner or betray ourselves to stay safe, accepted and loveable. This tiny self needs all the love, understanding and compassion we can muster to allow it to reveal itself: its many dark corners and sharp edges, contradictions, manipulations and fear. This New Moon allows for that compassion and potentises the power of self-acceptance which enables us to burn through the defensive twists and turns of our psyche, to reach our sacred core with uncompromising directness.

A Moon of great courage and fierce compassion, we are all made spiritual warriors in her impenetrable darkness. Even if our eyes can no longer see and our senses are scrambled by fear, our spirit rises up to guide us onward, knowing that without darkness there is no illumination. The sacred dance of light and dark, shadow and enlightenment, is the dance of creation from which we are all born. The path of this dark Moon guides us into the very womb of becoming where potent energies await our arrival, to be claimed as our very own.

And claim them we will, for Black Moon Lilith, the dark feminine goddess of mighty power, moves into Scorpio four days later. In doing so she begins two months during which she journeys between the outer world of interpersonal relationship (Libra) and the inner world of relationship with the self (Scorpio), revealing the unstoppable forces of change that animate this universe and ourselves within it. Here we can draw upon the greatest support we could possibly desire, for Black Moon Lilith is fearless in her resolve and endlessly resourceful no matter what assails her. She assures us we can be those things too, no matter how unlikely it may sometimes seem! For we, too, are born of stardust, liberated by the cosmic blast of becoming that shattered the universe into being. Black Moon Lilith initiates us into the sacred darkness that nurtures the brightest illumination in its right time.

A powerful and unremitting New Moon, her love for us burns bright as we are engulfed in her shadow. Ego may tell us of reason to fear but our spirit knows we are safe, lovingly embraced by life that fulfils its potential through us, as we journey ever deeper into our sacred home.

Sarah Varcas

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