11th/12th August – 5th/6th September 2014: Venus in Leo

by Sarah Varcas on 08/08/2014


 Fragrant Beauty


Celebrating Us!


Sarah Varcas

Venus enters Leo at 7:25 am GMT on 12th August. Given the challenges of the weekend just gone, this is something to celebrate! After self-analysis and some fairly hefty issues brought into the light, we can now relax a bit more into being who we are without apology or self-consciousness! Venus in Leo rejoices in the pleasures of being a personality in a sensual physical body in a world that offers up enjoyment alongside the hardships we all face. Time to embrace some of the fun and a bit less of the challenge!

With four planets now in Leo (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter) we can proudly proclaim who we are and let the rest of the world see us in all our glory. As is always the case, though, what applies to one applies to all, so we need to make space for others to do the same. Indeed, a central challenge on the Leonine path is that of allowing space for others to shine as much as oneself. The coming few weeks provide a good opportunity to practice doing that so we all get a bit of the limelight, some affirmation and attention, alongside giving the same to others. It’s effectively a collective affirmation of individuality, which may sound paradoxical but which can in fact be incredibly healing and wholesome, for it enables us to break out of collective shells which keep us confined at times, into the wonderful beauty of all that is unique within us.

Embracing our uniqueness is an all important feature of the path ahead. Finding the balance between self and other, me and you, individuality and the collective: this is the very essence of this time. We each have a gift, be it a winning smile, a compassionate heart, a good head for figures or a talent long developed and honed. And we have those for a reason: to share with others for the betterment of the world in which we live. If doesn’t have to be something hugely dramatic and special. The most precious gifts can be forever overlooked if we want to be special and stand out from the crowd. Chatting with a lonely stranger in the bus queue doesn’t tend to get much attention, but it may create a ripple effect far greater than being hailed as someone great. Saving an injured bird and nursing it back to health is probably done by someone somewhere every day without any great fanfare, and yet Mother Nature herself knows and whispers a gentle thank you as it stretches its wings once more to return to the wild. The universe is infinitely grateful for acts of kindness and the more we can tune in to its gratitude the less we will need it from others in order to feel that what and who we are is worthwhile.

So in the coming weeks, no matter what else is going on, we must be sure to take time out to celebrate us, in all our quirky uniqueness, you and me. And the more that celebration becomes a positive affirmation of life itself, not a seeking of applause from others, the more the cosmos will celebrate with us even if no one else is looking in, admiring what we have to offer. Venus in Leo comes as the reward for our previous willingness to look within, eyes wide open, and embrace what we find there. The more deeply we have been prepared to do that the more we will have to celebrate now, for embracing the shadow as willingly as we embrace the light allows us to be complete, neither light nor dark, just you and me in all our weird and wonderful, inexplicable entirety: thoroughly flawed and completely perfect in equal measure!

Sarah Varcas

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