11th October 2013: Venus revisits the May lunar eclipse degree

by Sarah on 11/10/2013


The Creativity of Change


Sarah Varcas

Today, at around midday GMT, Venus crosses the degree of the lunar eclipse which occurred on the 24th/25th May. At that time I spoke of the need to balance opposites, to overcome polarisation and to recognise where our lives are out of balance. The asteroid Pallas was guiding us then, reminding us that all things arise in the face of their opposites. We cannot know one extreme without the other and only in knowing the extremes can we find the balance point of peace between them.

Since then we have encountered many extremes. The Grand Trine in Water through June, July and August brought to the surface many powerful emotions which would otherwise have lain dormant. Many people felt they were quite literally drowning in them at the time, such was the nature of the prevailing energies. Boundaries dissolved, the past became the present, other lives impinged upon this one and much of the time we weren’t entirely sure whether we were coming or going! Then, when astrological configurations of 26th August brought us a whole new vibration with which to resonate, we were faced with the possibility of a new way of living if we chose to embrace it. One that demands great things of us, certainly, but which demands from a place of love and expects nothing that we cannot, if we really want to, fulfil and then exceed.

Which brings us to today, because now we find ourselves revisiting that eclipse moment back in May with Venus as our guide, revealing just what has changed since then. She is a gentle companion, encouraging us to look back with compassionate eyes, not focusing on what we wish we’d done or how we wished we’d changed, but upon the journey from there to here and all it has required of us. Only we will know what that is at a personal level. It may have been a test of endurance, a helter skelter of passion, the drudgery of coping day to day with practical concerns and everyday demands. We may feel we’ve barely moved or be barely able to remember who we were back then, so different are we now. Whatever our path in the past four months, today is a day to honour ourselves for all that we brought forth to navigate our way through. It is a time to take stock, to pat ourselves on the back and to acknowledge that simply getting through a day, from morning to night, can be a massive achievement when life is challenging us to face those things we have tried so hard, for so long, to avoid.

Pallas Athene adds a message for us too. Now in Leo, squaring Mercury in Scorpio, she reminds us to consider change as a creative, not a rational, process. She urges us to seek not for the connections which make sense and the outcomes which can be neatly measured, but for the subtle shifts in perception and reaction which indicate that transformation is taking place. She reminds us that life is a spiral, not a straight line. Whilst we may revisit the same place over and over, we do so from a different perspective, another level, seeing it through fresh eyes. We may mistake repeated patterns for evidence of stagnation in our lives, failing to acknowledge and nurture the subtle signs of life in the waters we had written off as dead. In Leo, Pallas knows just how deeply creative we all are at heart, no matter how uncreative we may perceive ourselves to be!! She reminds us that with each thought, every act, every facial expression and aspect of body language we are creating anew, and to get from where we were at the end of May to where we are today has taken endless moments of creation which our blinkered view may have edited from our consciousness the moment they occurred.

Time now, the heavens remind us, to look back upon our creative process in the past few months and recognise its power. In doing so we can decide how to approach the coming eclipse season, in full knowledge of the true nature of change and the part we play within it.

Have a good weekend everyone. I’ll be back on Monday with more info about the eclipse season which begins on Sunday.

*NB: Apologies everyone, but updates may be a bit sporadic in the coming days and weeks. I’ll not let anything big go by but won’t manage daily ones. The New Moon last week has taken me a big step closer to developing a whole new body of work that’s sort of growing in me, as these things do, and I need to ensure I devote enough time to its development alongside running my practice. *

Sarah Varcas


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