11th May: Planetary Messages from Taurus and Gemini

by Sarah on 11/05/2013



Who’s Right and Who’s Wrong?


Sarah Varcas

Today the Moon and Mercury join forces in Taurus, with Mars trying to play ‘catch up’. All this Taurean energy around at the moment is helping us stay grounded in the midst of this eclipse season when so much is being stirred within us. But we need to stay awake to the fact that too grounded can become stagnant and stuck, so three planets in Gemini remind us to stay light-footed on the earth, rather than stuck in the mud!

When the Sun and Mercury team up in Taurus we want some good solid facts to get to grips with, something black and white, clear cut and unequivocal. Of course, much of life is anything but, and today Jupiter is trying to remind us of that fact. Essentially, we need to loosen our desire for a single fact and embrace the possibility that there may be several ‘truths’ to a situation, and some may even seem contradictory. Such is the complexity of existence.

It can be a hard lesson to learn and one which returns to us often: Our opinion about something – even about ourselves – is only our opinion. Others may have their own equally valid one. The truth upon which we’ve built our lives may be a mere fallacy to someone else. And someone else’s undying commitment to a cause may look like madness to us. These are the types of issues brought into the spotlight today, and we have an opportunity to take even just a small step towards embracing a broader version of what is and isn’t true about our world.

In doing so, Mars in Taurus on the South Node reminds us that we all seek security in our own truths, in our take on the world being the ‘right’ one, and we all have within us the voice that tells us to stand up for the truth when it seems to be under threat. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, until we encounter someone else eager to do the same with a different view and then wham! The fight begins. Whether it’s politics, religion, spiritual beliefs or anything else among the vast array of things we all have opinions about, for us to be right in this diverse world, someone else has to be wrong, and polarisation occurs.

It is these dynamics brought into the cosmic spotlight today. They’re challenging ones. They show us where we can’t let go, where we can’t tolerate the sting of disagreement or dispute, where we can’t allow someone else to be different. They show us where we have to be right, and it is in that place that we need the gentlest and most compassionate approach to ourselves and each other, because there lies a wound in need of healing.

Today, in some small way, that healing can begin.

With Love

Sarah Varcas

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