11th June 2013: Saturn Trine Neptune

by Sarah on 11/06/2013


Faith Not Fear


Sarah Varcas

At present Saturn and Neptune join forces to assist us in realising our dreams. And we’re not talking little dreams here, we’re talking great big life changing ones! However, in doing so they remind us that it’s often the smallest things, the tiny nuances in a situation, our thoughts or behaviour, which really tip the balance and enable change to happen. A shift in attitude can be the key to seeing our circumstances and therefore our potential in a whole new light.

The question is whether we’re prepared to make that shift. Changing our perspective on something, especially ourselves, can often feel like the hardest thing to do, so familiar are we with the way we view ourselves, our life and our potential. But if we’re up for giving it a go, Saturn and Neptune are ready to cheer us on. For the next couple of days they invite us to see things differently and allow previously unseen and unacknowledged aspects of a situation to reveal themselves to us. It’s easy to be blinkered when it comes to viewing our own potential. So many things influence how we consider it and if our heart is telling us we need to do something which our head is telling us is a ridiculous idea, we tend to go with the head unquestioningly. It actually feels safer that way! No chance of failure and making a fool of ourselves if we don’t even try in the first place!

But times are changing now and the cosmos points to the need for us to listen more to the heart and less to the head. In doing so we reach a point of balance which enables both to give of their best and contribute to our life in positive ways. Since the end of January we’ve had the opportunity to see the mind for what it is, which has meant deflating it somewhat and putting it in its place! Now, as Jupiter moves through the final degrees of Gemini before entering Cancer at the end of this month, we can see just how far we’ve come in that process and what work is left to be done. If we still allow our thoughts to dictate every move to us, we need to think again (!), because all too often those thoughts will be fuelled by fear rather than faith. When Jupiter moves into Cancer we enter a time in which faith is vital and fear is best left to wither in the background. It doesn’t mean the mind has no role, or that we should just act spontaneously without ever thinking something through. Instead, it means that we can now bring together the different aspects of our inner-knowing,  be they thoughts, feelings, intuitions, prophetic dreams, messages from Spirit… whatever form our personal inner-guidance system takes, now we can use it to its fullest without the mind immediately jumping in to dismiss any data that doesn’t fit with the current programming.

Of course, as with all things we have to make the initial effort to reap the rewards. It’s no good just sitting back and expecting the universe to rewire our brains and clear the path ahead. There is work to be done now, on our thoughts and their accompanying feelings, challenging and questioning the stories they tell us in order to sort the wheat from the chaff and discern which are to be trusted and which are merely repeating what they’ve heard over and over throughout the years. Which is what Saturn and Neptune want to help us out with now, reminding us that faith, not fear, is the currency of the current time and we have a chance now to stock up on it ready for Jupiter’s entry into Cancer later this month.

Have a good day everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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