11th July 2013: Truth in the Darkness

by Sarah on 11/07/2013


The Truth of a Single Candle


Sarah Varcas

Today the heavens speak to us of truth: our own personal variety and the ultimate kind. They remind us that whilst they’re both significant, we need to know which is which and be prepared to let the former go in favour of the latter when the time’s right.

There’s much talk of truth these days, and if we listen carefully we can find all manner of ways that one ‘truth’ seems to contradict another! How can this be? Truth is truth, right? Something’s either true or it isn’t, surely? Or surely not… for truth is a profoundly complex thing just as it can be the simplest. It is the most obvious fact just as it can be obscured beyond recognition. Truth, in all its guises, is paradoxical, and until we can enter into that paradox we can never experience the fullness of truth for ourselves, only its pale reflection.

At times such as this when so many people are waking up to a new way of living, to a new appreciation of what life could be if we let it, our relationship with truth inevitably comes under scrutiny. We are exhorted to speak our truth, to live it, to step out of compromise and into authenticity. We are encouraged to question the truths we have been fed by others in order to find our own. We have become truth seekers, tired of the same old jaded beliefs, dogma and dictates, eager to find the living vibrant heart of life and live ourselves from there.

But what happens when we can’t do that? When our own truths have abandoned us? When we no longer know what to believe, which way is up or whether our life has any meaning whatsoever. What of when life looks so bleak, so devoid of nourishment and purpose, that the only truth we can hope to embrace is that eventually it will end and maybe then we’ll be at peace? We’ve all heard the expression ‘dark night of the soul’, which describes well these times of aching emptiness and loss of hope. There are many lost in that dark night right now. It may be you. It may be me. Tomorrow it may be someone else. But for those of us in our dark night right now, amid the prevailing discourse of light and hope, potential and fulfilment, it can feel more isolating than ever, lost to the possibility of healing or wholeness. We can feel forsaken, abandoned and desperately alone.

Today the heavens reach out to each and every person lost in that dark night. They remind us that truth never abandons us. It is our constant companion, even when we turn away from it to gaze into our own darkness. They remind us that the truth of a single candle is the lifting of darkness; that the truth of a single smile is the beginning of connection, and the truth of each lonely tear is one small step towards healing. Right now our own personal truth may be one of suffering, grief, pain, loss, isolation. And yes that truth needs to be honoured, recognised, acknowledged and lived. But there is also a greater truth, that none of it is real, that you and are one, that life, in each and every moment, is saturated with grace and can never be anything but perfect. These greater truths, which can be so hard to grasp when we need them the most, are presented to us now not to correct us, a cosmic rap across the knuckles for losing our way, but to comfort us in our darkest hour and offer us hope that, like all hours before it, this one too shall pass and daylight will return to bathe us once more.

Love to everyone

Sarah Varcas

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