11th December 2015: New Moon in Sagittarius

by Sarah Varcas on 08/12/2015


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Image: “Channelling the Will” by Gary Rosenberg


Active Imagination and Imaginative Action


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is new in the 20th degree of Sagittarius at 10:30 a.m. UT. This is an inspirational and forward thinking Moon. She helps us plan ahead, taking account of natural cycles of growth and decay, fulfilment and emptiness, contact and isolation. She knows intimately the rhythmic pattern of life with its ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and assures us that in taking account of them we ensure our own balance and poise along life’s winding road. No one can live forever full. We embody the fruits of our activities at one moment, only to be relieved of them the next and made empty, ready to be refilled by something else. We do not ‘arrive’ in life, reaching a peak from which we never move forever triumphant, but instead rise and fall like the breath, weaving in out of success and failure, light and dark, company and solitude.

This Moon is future focused and incredibly wise. She blesses our hopes and dreams making this an excellent time to envision what we hope for in the coming year. But she equally has her feet on the ground, well aware of the effort needed to manifest our desires. She encourages us in those efforts, assuring us that intention combined with wisdom, patience when needed and courage when necessary will see us through. No goal is too big, no dream too great for this Moon. ‘Be bold in your hopes and daring in your plans’, she exhorts, ‘then be prepared to do whatever it takes to be that person you want to be’.

Aligned with Chiron and Uranus at her darkest time, she reminds us of the healing power of freedom and freedom that arises from becoming whole. In expressing our many faces and facets we can more fully engage with life and identify where and how we can best express our potential. In doing so we awaken to both our personal possibilities as well as those made real by our place in the unified whole. Only by allowing ourselves the space to discover who we truly are can we express our fullness in the world. This New Moon prepares us to do that, blessing all efforts made to envision our most flowing future. One that accommodates the ebbs and flows of life, knowing them as the very source of all that we are.

But she is a Moon of action, not just imagination. It’s relatively easy to feel inspired in her darkness, filled with anticipation of what could be. But we must follow that up with inspired effort which makes that vision a reality. With Saturn also in Sagittarius now, we must take action to become what and who we are, not just hope and pray for it to magically occur. Yes, the power of prayer is vast, as is the grace that abounds when we envision a future in alignment with our greatest expression of Self, but, as the saying goes, we must pray then move our feet, imagine then act upon that imagining to make it real. We hold within our grasp the wherewithal to become the future self we long for now. We just need to potentise it with commitment and faith, action and prayer.

Understanding our shifting feelings and moods is also vital right now. It’s not essential that we always feel good to achieve our goals. Sometimes we may feel deeply disheartened or discouraged when results are not what we hoped and our efforts appear to fall short. This is all part of the present moment process of creating the future. We learn not only what works, but how to manage disappointment and apparent failure, how to change course when circumstances require and how to evaluate plans and visions in light of the material realm in which we pursue their fulfilment. We learn little by life handing us everything on a plate, but much when we create the plate ourself and then work in tandem with life to fill it with our favourite treats. To paraphrase a Native American proverb, If we give someone a basket of fruit they’ll have a tasty meal. If we teach them to grow their own fruit they’ll be nourished for a lifetime. And so it goes with life. We learn how to create, how to change and grow. We discover what actions and attitudes work and which hold us back. We hone our ability to discern the nuances of the present moment and identify what it requires from us. And as we do so we move, inch by inch, ever deeper into the divine.

This New Moon wants to help us do exactly that, as we discern our goals for the coming year and commit to the process of fulfilling them. We can’t do it in the blink of an eye, but if we cherish every effort and honour each moment we will walk a sacred path into the future, which blesses us at every single step.

Sarah Varcas

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