11th December 2013: Patience….

by Sarah on 11/12/2013


What it Takes to Grow Strong….


Sarah Varcas

We may find ourselves experiencing apparently opposing forces at the moment. On the one hand we feel the burgeoning need to clear away the old out-dated aspects of our lives in order to begin afresh and express our inner changes on an external level. But at the same time we may find ourselves encountering blocks and obstacles to progress which leave us feeling dispirited and downhearted, questioning whether we have actually misread the signs of the times and misunderstood what’s required of us now.

But there is no need for alarm. Yes, there is an increasing imperative for us to bring our outer lives into alignment with our inner ones (and given the profound changes that many have experienced during the course of this past year alone that’s a lot of change to be made!), but there also exists an equally deep imperative for the changes made now to be the ‘real deal’, not just a few tweaks around the edges or a step in the wrong direction which just happens to feel right at the moment, in the absence of information still on its way to the surface.

If we are being held back now, by Mars’ journey through Libra or Jupiter’s retrograde passage through Cancer, it’s not purely to frustrate and depress us, it’s because we need to get in-step with the broader agenda of change that is needed on this planet. Yes, Uranus is preparing to station direct and in doing so is increasing the pressure upon us to express our inner transformation at an outer level, and yes we may well be ready to do that and chomping at the bit to get it done and dusted, but if we still need to adjust to the needs of the collective rather than merely our own agenda; or if we still need to build stronger foundations upon which to construct our new life; if there is still more for us to learn – about ourselves, each other, life itself – before we can do what needs to be done, divine timing will always hold sway over and above our personal timeline of opportunity, goals and ambitions.

It can be tough to bear with times like these, especially when we see others forging ahead while our own life seems to be at a standstill. We may find ourselves believing that we’ve got it all wrong, that we should have stayed where we were rather than step into this twilight-zone of inner change without outer transformation. But in fact we are being looked after, protected from getting ahead of ourselves into circumstances which we don’t yet have the tools or the wisdom to manage. We are like seedlings eager for the outdoor life but needing to be kept in the hot house for a bit longer while we grow to a stage that maximises our chances of success outside in the elements. We are not being denied our chance to grow and bloom. In fact those chances are being enhanced by this time of waiting. We are being given the opportunity to develop patience and forbearance, to contemplate the true meaning of inner and outer change, to align ourselves with the highest and most positive outcomes possible. We are being taught that life knows best, no matter how much we think we do. And when life itself says ‘not yet’, we have no choice but to listen.

As this year comes to a close and we reflect upon our personal journey over the past twelve months it is vital to remember that it’s not just about us, but about our role in a far bigger process of planetary change and awakening. Our most important contribution to this process is an unshakeable willingness to do and be what is necessary to facilitate this awakening. If we need to be patient, so be it. If we need to change and release, so be it. If we need to stand up and be counted or stay quiet and be invisible, so be it. Each of us has our own part to play and life supports us in playing it, providing the conditions and environment in which we can best contribute our own particular piece to the cosmic puzzle.

Sarah Varcas

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