10th July 2013: Enter Stage Left…

by Sarah on 10/07/2013


Greater Plans Than Ours


Sarah Varcas

Watch out for hyper-sensitivity which could result in over-reactions and misunderstandings today. It doesn’t have to, of course. It could lead to greater insight and deeper understanding of ourselves and other people. It’s all about what we do with it and how much patience we bring to our dealings with other people. If we’re disinclined to create space in which we can lovingly contain each others’ faults and failings whilst still maintaining a positive connection, we could end up in conflict. We know what we want, how we envisaged the day would pan out and anyone who gets in the way of our plans could well get short shrift!

Except…. just because we planned something doesn’t make the universe obliged to deliver! Whatever we thought today was meant to be about, something else may just end up taking centre stage and how we deal with that situation will reveal much about our ability (or lack of) to let life be as it must and still enjoy its twists and turns with an open heart. It’s not that we’re somehow cursed to never get what we want. It’s more that what we want may end up being a curse if we got it, and the universe, as ever, knows better than we do!

It can be hard to step out of our particular world view and accept that how we want life to be is not necessarily in our best interests. If it all feels so right why wouldn’t it be?! Largely because life isn’t always about feeling right, especially not at the moment. Right now life is about encountering the barriers we erect around ourselves to keep life out. It’s about recognising the ways we try to control the uncontrollable in a desperate attempt to feel…well…in control! Right now life is about healing and healing often necessitates feeling the pain in order to know where the salve is needed.

So if we’re planning a certain shape for our life today, then something or someone comes on from stage left and throws us off course, we should welcome it as a challenge: an opportunity to discover whether this occurrence is revealing a new possibility or whether it’s giving us the chance to develop patience and resolve on our path to fulfilment. One thing’s for sure: it’s not happening to give us an excuse for an argument! It’s not about us and them. It’s about us and life and our relationship with the present moment. It’s about how patient we can be when we want something that isn’t in view. It’s about faith and acceptance alongside resolve and commitment.

Yes, some challenges in the air today but not because everything’s going wrong or we’ve made a big mistake. Just because sometimes we need to be shown very clearly where we have to change and in showing us this, the universe is doing us the biggest of favours, for which we should be forever grateful!

So here’s to patience, insight and understanding, in me, in you, in everyone.

With love

Sarah Varcas

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