10th – 23rd April 2015: Asteroid Vesta Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

by Sarah Varcas on 08/04/2015


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Life Needs Time and So Do We


Sarah Varcas

Asteroid Vesta and Neptune join forces in the 9th degree of Pisces. They remind us that getting to know ourselves inside and out requires steadfast commitment and dedication in excess of what we first imagine. The excitement and exhilaration of initial insight can spur us on for a while as we begin to see the world through new eyes. Its catalyst varies and we each have our own personal experience: a moment when the possibility that life is not what we thought and neither are we, distils in our consciousness. Whatever the trigger, be it pleasure or pain, a subtle knowing or a devastating realisation, the first glimpse of freedom is often the sweetest, stark in contrast to our previous life. Neptune has touched us with its gentle hand and opened our eyes to something more expansive than we could previously have imagined. We have been born into a new possibility, a new timeline of potential. Our being resonates with this shift. It knows something profoundly significant has occurred. Every cell in our being vibrates with the new connection to the magnificence of existence.

Having felt the touch of Neptune we cannot go back to sleep, even when we want to. The disconnected narcolepsy of our former life is no longer an option. If we try to return there (because sometimes not knowing feels so much easier!!) it will be akin to squeezing our feet into shoes three sizes too small. We can try to ignore the cramping pain but it will cripple us before we know it. We cannot ‘unknow’ the content of revelatory moments. They come as a blessing but with great responsibility, requiring authenticity and a deep commitment to living the truths revealed in a frank and forthright way. Revelation demands of us character, spiritual backbone and steadfastness no matter what we meet on the path ahead. Once the adrenaline rush of initial revelation has passed these qualities may feel in alarmingly short supply.

Which is why Vesta and Neptune reach out to us now, for no matter how long we have walked this path there will be times when our resolve fades like the evening sun; when the responsibility of wakefulness is simply too much to bear; when it is easier to rail against life than live it with our eyes and hearts wide open to its many shades. The recent eclipse season has left many feeling empty of resources for the road ahead. The intense energies encountered can drain us before we even grasp what we should be doing with them! Endings signalled by the solar eclipse on 20th March are sinking in now. The empty spaces left behind are starkly apparent and the fog of unknowing thick around us. But the heavens see the way ahead even when we don’t. Vesta and Neptune provide the very fuel we need for the next step: commitment, not to a goal or outcome, but simply to being here now, living this moment as truthfully as we can. This type of living is the most profound spiritual practice. All others fade in comparison. For all that we need is right here in this moment. As we sink into its riches our troubles fall away.

Saturn reminds us now that faith is a safety net on the path of awakening. Faith that things change, that what ails us now will become as dust in time. That the promise of peace and the freedom of authenticity are not deceptions created by a world in need but the very heart of what it means to be human. Once we unveil that heart and know ourselves inside and out we cannot help but reap its riches. The spiritual path is one of removing the heart-veil to embrace all that we discover in doing so. Of opening the heart ever wider to contain all that we are and all that is found in this world. But doing so requires faith, presence in the here and now, a willingness to live life raw and exposed to the pain as well as the pleasure, the sacrifice alongside the blessing. And this kind of faith itself takes commitment. It is so easy to throw in the towel, to storm out of the awakening room slamming the door behind us when the truth is too hard to bear. For those who feel like storming right now the cosmos reaches out and bids us stop and wait: be still, let go, simply breathe. Life needs time. So do we. And everything has its own moment.

The future is calling. Do you hear it? It seduces us with whispers in an unfamiliar tongue. Its promise feels so close and yet out of reach, hidden by a blanket of fog we cannot simply wave away. Timing is everything and everything has its time. Recognising this fact is our act of faith. Knowing that things change, that clarity will return and what we have lost was not for us: this is the fuel for our journey through the fog. It will clear in its own time revealing both riches and obstacles, rewards and responsibilities. When it does we will know what to do and when, how to do it and why. But for now commitment, faith and steadfastness in the midst of the unknown is a most powerful offering. One that signals to the cosmos we are ready for the path ahead.

Sarah Varcas

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