June 2017: Recent Developments at Awakenings

by Sarah Varcas on 26/06/2017


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For information about the lunar eclipse in Aquarius on 7th / 8th August 2017 please click here & for the solar eclipse in Leo 21st / 22nd August 2017, please click here.


Recent Developments at Awakenings

a.k.a. ‘Where Have Your Astro-Updates Gone?!’


Sarah Varcas

Several people have contacted me recently asking when my next astro-update will be posted, so I thought it would be useful to give a general overview of developments here at Awakenings.

It goes without saying that I love astrology! It never ceases to fascinate, inspire and encourage me. It’s well over thirty years since I first began exploring it, an exploration which soon became a consuming fascination with the profound wisdom messages encoded within mysterious cosmic patterns. Decades later, and even with many hundreds of readings under my belt, I still get that zing of excitement when I look at a new chart and wonder what this one will reveal.

I first opened my astrology business about eight years ago with the long-term aim of enabling people to understand astrology, appreciate its wisdom and reap the same rich rewards from it as I have. If you know something of astrology you will know that eight years takes us just past the first square of Saturn to its natal position (yes, even a business has a birth chart!). This is a time of testing and reckoning when we discover if our endeavours have taken root, what has proved its worth, what we need to adapt and what must be let go. We are held to account at this point and can see, often with searing clarity, where we are fulfilling potential and where we’ve fallen short or must course-correct. Hence the past couple of years has been a time of assessment and re-shaping for Awakenings. This has kept me very busy indeed, alongside the usual trials and tribulations of everyday life!

As a result of this process I’ve decided to focus primarily on teaching astrology from hereon in – something that I began doing in January 2013 – as I feel this best serves my original intention for Awakenings. This redistribution of my time and attention means that astro-updates and energy reports in the style that I’ve previously shared will now be far fewer and further between. Much as I’d love to be able to do everything – readings, updates and teaching – I have (finally!) had to accept that I’m not Wonder Woman and must honour my humble human limitations!

Akin to the old adage ‘give a man a fish he will eat for one meal, teach him to fish he will eat for a lifetime’, my deepest passion lies in enabling others to interpret the mysteries of their own life via an in-depth understanding of their natal chart. I currently do this through my tutored and self-study astrology courses which teach people to read natal charts in significant detail, interpreting the wisdom messages each one contains. Students on the tutored course also receive my own detailed insights into their natal chart during eighteen months of mentoring. I intend to expand upon this in due course by blogging about the knowledge and skills necessary to work deeply and authentically with your own chart and am currently working on a blog series about transits to this effect, so stay tuned for that! And of course, being able to read your own chart can help you read charts for friends and family, a very useful skill in these interesting and unusual times!

In the eight years I’ve been running Awakenings, I’ve found teaching astrology to be the most rewarding way to share my experience, knowledge and understanding, and the decision to do more of it, albeit at the expense of other areas of my work, feels timely. Whilst this means astro-updates will be far fewer, it also means I can now offer more places on my tutored astrology course, which will be made available towards the end of July. If you wish to be informed when enrollment is taking place you can read more about the course and add your name to the waiting list here.

So, I hope that clarifies the shift in direction taking place here at Awakenings. Stay tuned to learn more about what your birth chart has to say about you! (Oh, and more information on Black Moons coming soon, the next one being the Solar Eclipse on 21st / 22nd August).

Many thanks for reading and for your interest in my work.


Sarah Varcas

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