8th October 2014 (10:56 a.m. GMT): Lunar Eclipse in Aries

by Sarah Varcas on 01/10/2014


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 Sudden Change, Slow Fruits


Sarah Varcas

As if there isn’t enough going on this week, we are also treated to a total lunar eclipse to add to the mix, and with Uranus a key player in it, it may well deliver some surprises! That said this eclipse is one which requires patience and forbearance if we want to reap its rewards because they won’t be immediately apparent. Indeed, if this eclipse touches us we may well feel it as a set back at first, challenging us in places we thought we were secure and sorted. We may find ourselves questioning past certainties and experiencing a growing need to break free from places where previously we felt at home.

The imperative of this eclipse is to be honest with ourselves above all else. We don’t even have to do anything with that honesty at this point, but simply acknowledging the truth of our situation rather than trying to justify it or make the best of a bad job is the demonstration of commitment required now. If we can do this, recognising where we may have lulled ourselves into a false sense of security or accepted half measures because at least they were familiar ones, we are laying the groundwork for March 2015 when the fruits of this eclipse will become apparent as Venus, Mars and then Uranus cross the eclipse degree, just prior to the final exact square between Uranus and Pluto.

This eclipse presents an interesting paradox, for whilst Uranus is known for its sudden change and unpredictability, the ultimate impact of current experiences and insights will take time to unfold. To expect their fruits to become apparent as quickly as their initial arising would be a mistake. Whatever happens now is simply the start of an awakening to certain truths which will culminate in five months’ time. Between now and then we have some deep and powerful work to do if we want to capitalise on this cosmic event rather than it simply being a time when everything went a bit crazy for a while before settling back down into old routines!

And therein lays a clue: we could just settle back into old routines if we wanted to. Once this eclipse season’s out of the way we could put it all down to experience and batten down the old hatches once more, safe in the familiarity of old habits that die hard. That’s our choice. However, at this point in the history of humanity, the more people who can choose to step forward rather than back, out into new possibilities rather than retreat into old ways, the better. This eclipse acts as a precursor to the final Uranus/Pluto square next March when we can begin to get the feel for how well we’ve ridden the cycles of change, so intense since mid 2012. No one will have been left in any doubt about what and how we need to change and adapt. We may have chosen to ignore the warnings but they’ve been ever-present and unremitting, both personally and collectively. This eclipse now offers the chance to take a previously made commitment to a whole new level or to make a commitment in the first place, if we’ve been holding off from doing so up to now.

If we find ourselves hesitant at this point, uncertain if we have what it takes to move in the direction indicated for us, Mercury retrograde reminds us that we must be willing to get it all wrong in order to make the right move. We cannot do it if we want reassurance that our decisions at this point will guarantee the results we want. There are no guarantees. The heavens shout this message loud and clear! Anything could happen and, given long enough, probably will! But none of this is a reason not to commit to change now, to following the inner imperative which says freedom to evolve is more important than the apparent security of not doing so. If we can simply let go of our need for answers before we’ve even walked the path of the questions, we can embrace the many possibilities up ahead, the likes of which we can’t even imagine from our current viewing point. This eclipse does not deliver the goods, it simply places the order for them, an order which will change and grow over time as we reap the rewards of a heartfelt commitment made now, to deep and enduring change.

So however this eclipse touches your life, remember that its form is simply the beginning of something far greater and more complex than we can see from our current vantage point. The seeds planted in our present soil will grow all manner of flowers and feasts in due course as we journey into their blossoming and find our future self there waiting to greet us, whole and complete.

Sarah Varcas

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