7th/8th May – 5th June 2015: Venus in Cancer

by Sarah Varcas on 06/05/2015


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The Many Faces of Love


Sarah Varcas

Venus enters the sign of Cancer at 10:53 pm GMT on 7th May. As she does so she is opposed by the Moon in Capricorn, raising a dilemma we may encounter in the coming weeks: what to do when feelings tell us one thing and common sense the opposite? How do we bridge what is often a significant gulf between our mind and emotions? How can it be that two aspects of the same psyche can be so diametrically opposed at times?!

When in Cancer, Venus is gentle, nostalgic and protective. She cherishes those deemed family, be they blood relations, lovers, friends or a cause close to her heart. This Venus is sentimental, bestowing a protective love which nurtures a sense of belonging. Her joy is found in intimacy with the beloved, away from the cut and thrust of the everyday world, safe and secure in her own cosy space. This is an intuitive and emotional love in which laughter and tears, affection and empathy, go hand in hand as she rides the waves with those she calls her own.

Cancer’s ruling planet, the Moon, has a very different view when in the pragmatic sign of Capricorn. It can’t be doing with all that sentimentality and, quite frankly, simply wishes everyone would just get on with doing what needs to be done and stop with all the hearts and flowers! In its opposition to Venus it reminds us that life has many faces and love many forms. Tough love can be as heartfelt and compassionate as the most sympathetic and sensitive kind, and the coming weeks may require it in the interests of balance. Empathy, this Moon reminds us, is not about feeling so deeply with another that their pain becomes our own, but resonating with another’s experience in such a way that we can identify its elements and appreciate its challenges. Only then can we offer meaningful support to assist them through their own personal jungle. Whilst our heart may well-up as we witness their pain, holding our own on solid ground renders us infinitely more effective than sacrificing our own objectivity in the face of their suffering ever will.

As we traverse these somewhat ‘inbetween’ times we can use them to seek out our soul family and forge bonds that will support us on the path ahead. Relationships which have had their day will become increasingly obvious once Mercury turns retrograde on 18th/19th May and we may well seek an altogether different dynamic in those which eventually take their place. Where once we valued sensitivity, pragmatism may be more appealing. Where we used to seek excitement, predictability may now turn us on. What once was sexy becomes over-bearing and what once turned us off now floats our boat! We are changing, everyone is, and our relationships change with us. Seeking the same old type of intimacy and forging connections in familiar places may echo too strongly the past and fail to recognise future potential.

Of course in some relationships we simply grow and change together. We don’t have to burn our address book and begin again from scratch! But even in those connections that endure through time, place and circumstance we may now find a new dynamic emerging, aspects of the other’s psyche not previously recognised, interactions which do not follow familiar patterns. The more open we can be to the new flowing through us, the more fulfilling will be these changes and the fresh opportunities they contain. If we fear the change, however, yearning for things to simply be the way they were, the attendant flood of emotion may drown out the practical voice that whispers all is well, there is nothing to fear and people simply change as nature intended.

Venus in Cancer values change which strengthens bonds of love. But much of it seems to have the opposite effect. When occurring in someone who has been our bedrock, there through thick and thin, it can leave us lost and confused, fearful of the future and hankering after a fading past. With this month’s shift of energy into mutable Gemini this kind of change is increasingly likely, but there is no cause for alarm. The heavens remind us that everything changes: you, me and everyone around us. Nothing and no one stays the same. Change courses through our lives and our veins. Without it sterility rules the day. Life becomes a vacuum with nothing to fill it. Change is life itself.

This coming month there may be tension between emotions which say change is a threat and pragmatism which knows everything changes and we need to get on with life regardless. We know we are shifting, as is everyone around us. We may even know that certain people and places are gradually departing our world. Common sense tells us to move on and let go, while emotions paint a lonely, depressing future. It is natural to feel both: to see the sense and feel the fear. To know that everything changes and to dread the moment when it does. This is life lived through the mind and the heart, processed through thoughts and feelings. Venus in Cancer reminds us we all have our tribe but its members may change as we do. And the Moon affirms that love comes in many guises of which letting go can sometimes be the most important one.

Sarah Varcas

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