6th May 2013: A Reminder From Mercury.

by Sarah Varcas on 06/05/2013


Tangerine Dream by Brian VarcasImage: ‘Tangerine Dream’ by Brian Varcas


A Productive Irritation


Sarah Varcas


Mercury in Taurus connects in with the developing Uranus/Pluto square for the next couple of days, creating a productive irritation that can serve to propel us forward in some area of our life. Some irritations are anything but productive, of course, and seem only to act as obstacles and annoyances, but not so this one. The message here is that we may be a little too complacent about something to which we should pay more attention. Complacency can often be the biggest enemy of change because it can go completely unnoticed just reclining in the shadows, whispering in our ear that all is well and we’ve got it sussed.

That’s why Mercury’s come along to remind us that all is not as it seems, and there is still work to be done that we haven’t yet recognised. This isn’t a sign of trauma and disruption. There’s nothing hugely dramatic about this particular heavenly configuration (which is why it can be so easily overlooked), but it does have a significant bearing on how we progress in our lives. And in a week like this one with the Solar Eclipse approaching, the more conscious we can be of ourselves and our inner worlds, the better!

So here’s what Mercury has to say: ‘Watch out for that feeling of quiet self-satisfaction that says ‘this bit of my life is sorted’ or ‘I know I’m right about this one so I’m keeping my feet firmly on the ground and I’m not moving them for anyone’. You could be right, but you could be wrong and, for now at least, the cosmos wants you to consider the latter possibility for a while’.

Yes, it’s an irritation, having to revisit the bits of our lives that we thought were sorted, especially when so much else is far more dramatically up in the air! But if we’re prepared to do just that we could well discover a missing link that reveals something of great value. Our self and world view could be irrevocably changed for the better as a result of this process, just in a small way, but a lasting one none the less, and one which will serve to correct our course and propel us forward once more.

Love to everyone,

Sarah Varcas

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