4th/5th December 2014 – 12th January 2015: Mars in Aquarius

by Sarah Varcas on 03/12/2014


Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Leo, Venus in Sagittarius, managing the mind, self-awareness, insight, developing wisdom, conscious evolution
Image: “Watching in Space” by Gary Rosenberg


Gate-Keepers of the Aquarian Age


Sarah Varcas

Mars enters Aquarius just before midnight GMT on 4th December. In an air sign, Mars energises our mind and mental processes which can be useful for some and less so for others, depending on how our minds usually work! If you tend to be full of racing thoughts, living in your head, Mars in Aquarius may enhance this tendency and it will be important to stay as aware as possible of just how much energy you invest in the mental realm. If, however, your mind struggles to keep up on a good day, Mars’ arrival in Aquarius may be just the tonic you need!

No matter what sort of mind we have, this planetary shift encourages us to more innovative thought and a renewed relationship with our intellect. As Mars enters Aquarius, Jupiter, Venus and the Moon provide a clue as to what we can expect from the coming few weeks. They speak of the need to bring inspiration down to earth, to commit to manifesting our visions for the future rather than simply enjoying them until they fade. No matter how wonderful we may feel in meditation, how inspiring glimpses of our future may be, how good we feel when contemplating the wondrous nature of the universe and its many realms, if we never earth those experiences into the physical realm – living our insight, creating our future, honouring, through our every deed, the breathtaking beauty of this world in which we live – we are simply occupying a fantasy land of our own making, dislocated from the realm into which we have been born and to which we owe our attention and commitment.

Of course, there is always another side. If we can’t connect with inspiration no matter what and all we can see in the future is more of the same old misery then we also have a task to do: change our focus. Look in a different direction, think a different way and dare to wonder if something could change. And if resistance arises to all of that we can muster our courage and ask ourselves ‘why resist the possibility of feeling better, becoming more effective and creating fresh opportunities?’. This is no glib question and it calls for much more than a glib answer. We all resist what is best for us at times, often unconsciously but sometimes in full knowledge of what we’re up to! Finding identity in struggle and suffering, feeling like a victim (including of ourselves!), a belief that we deserve nothing more than a miserable life, fear of losing something or someone precious if we change too much…there are so many underlying reasons we don’t move in a more constructive direction. But in the coming weeks the cosmos asks, nay begs, us to consider why we do what we do and what steps we can take to make ourselves more effective in this process of change.

There will be a significant change in the energies next year. By mid 2015 we will all be feeling it and the cosmic advice we are receiving now is preparing us for that. We need to be ready to step out of our own way and allow ourselves to wake up in those parts of our lives where we still slumber or deny, ignore or reject. The in-coming resonance is nothing like what we have been used to in the past two and a half years and we will need to be different to fully greet it. It is lighter and smoother but also runs deeper but in a more enduring and less devastating way. If the challenges of the recent past have broken us and we are feeling thoroughly overwhelmed as a result we can take heart! Help is on its way. Not in the form of external intervention that solves our problems but in the form of inner calm where once there was struggle and courage where once we were held hostage by fear.

Which brings us back to Mars in Aquarius, for it acts as the way-shower in the coming weeks, banging on the door of the Aquarian Age and demanding it be opened forthwith! What we may not realise is that we are the other side of the door already and it is we who can draw back the imposing bolts, throw it open and let the sunlight in. The new age is born through us, we do not enter it. As Mars shifts now it reminds us that knowing how our mind works, taking charge and using it well is a fundamental skill required to consciously evolve right now. Without it we simply do the same old thing over and over getting the same old results and wondering why nothing changes. Mars in Aquarius tells us everything changes if we let it and it’s time for us to do the same!

Sarah Varcas

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