30th April/1st May – 8th/9th July 2015: Mercury in Gemini

by Sarah Varcas on 28/04/2015


 Mercury in Gemini, knowing the mind, wisdom messages, wise discernment, conscious relationships 


Integrating the Mind


Sarah Varcas

Usually travelling fairly fast through a sign, Mercury now enters its own sign of Gemini for a relatively lengthy couple of months on account of a retrograde cycle beginning on 18th/19th May. When in its own sign, Mercury has lightening fast responses, moving from one thing to the next in the blink of an eye. This shift may therefore go some way to satisfying those who have been frustrated by the apparent slowing down of late. Mercury puts its foot on the peddle now, increasing speed and activity as it journeys through the sign of the twins. Mars and the Sun follow in its footsteps soon by which time we will all be feeling the change in pace!

When in a sign for an extended length of time Mercury has important things to say. Given that he was messenger of the gods we had best take heed! Cerebral in nature and detached from the more sensory and intuitive aspects of perception, Mercury in Gemini emphasises the importance of an integrated mind which can explore, question and discover, or simply detach and move on when necessary. The mind is an active old thing! It rarely rests as we journey through our day: commenting on this and that, passing judgement here, an observation there, singing our favourite song in our head or ruminating on this, that and the other! Even when we sleep the mind continues on, speaking through our dream-world and keeping us on our toes! In the coming two months we can discover just how integrated with other doors of perception our mind really is. Does it have equal standing with our intuition or does it drown it out? Do we listen more to our heart than mind or the other way around? Is it even our mind we’re dealing with or have we simply digested the thoughts of those around us, regurgitating them on a daily basis and assuming, because they’re inside our head, they must be our own?!

Knowing the mind intimately is vital. In doing so we expand possibilities. We reclaim our sovereignty and the right to choose what we do with our mental energy. We are no longer a rag doll dragged this way and that through muddy puddles by our overzealous puppy mind! This current change of pace draws energy upwards to the head. We need to balance it with a vibrant heart and connection to the earth, not becoming floating brains disconnected from everything else. We must connect the head with the heart and the gut; with the womb (if you have one) and the belly; with the earth, the cosmos and everything in between. This is how we integrate the mind, making it part of the whole, able to play its part but not stealing the show and calling the shots.

There is information available now. Our minds are energised and have messages to share but we need to be attentive to discern what matters from mere habitual ramblings! Perhaps we have been telling ourselves something for a while but have not listened carefully enough to get the message. Maybe some information which came our way a while back is still lingering and needs more detailed scrutiny. Maybe a realisation is forming which will change our perspective on something of importance. Whatever the message and however it arrives, the mind will be the messenger, sharing its wisdom in thoughts, words, concepts and ideas, rather than the feelings and sensations of the heart. This is information you could tell someone else and they’d nod their head in understanding, even if they didn’t agree. As such these messages can be shared and in doing so they may bless others too. Mercury loves to connect and communicate, share thoughts, bounce ideas around. The next couple of months will provide ample opportunity to do so. The connections forged and understandings reached may well form the foundation for alliances that play a significant part in our future.

Yes, definitely a change of pace afoot! It’s time to sort out the mental wheat from the cerebral chaff, pay attention to the best bits, share them with others and see what happens next.

Sarah Varcas

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