23rd November 2013: Fire!!!

by Sarah Varcas on 23/11/2013




Flames of  Truth


Sarah Varcas

The fire element is strong today, making its presence felt. With the Sun now in Sagittarius, the Moon in Leo at the apex of a yod, and the Sun and Moon creating a grand trine in fire with Uranus, if we need a boost of courage, energy and inspiration we should get one today! With all the on-going activity in Scorpio recently, and Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, the water element has had its hold for a fair old while, and continues to do so to a significant degree, but this weekend we encounter some respite and a change of pace if we want to step-up and embrace it. In fact, I wasn’t going to do an update for today, but a quick glance at the charts reminded me that we need to take advantage of this shift in vibration if we can, so I wanted to get the word out!

Imagine sitting around a blazing bonfire, the heat radiating outwards, flames dancing up into the night sky, sparks flying and the smell of wood smoke in the air. Feel the warmth on your face, on your hands, see the flames reflected in the eyes of the person next to you. Everyone is receiving this warm, vibrant spirit which brings each one of us fully alive. This is the energy here for us today. If we have been feeling down and defeated, fearful and reticent, confused and lost, this energy offers us guidance this weekend if we open ourselves up to receive it. If we’ve been feeling angry, frustrated, penned in, kept out or otherwise suppressed, this energy will free us up to express all that needs to be expressed in a powerful and positive way that can move us forward once more.

Maybe we don’t want to sit around the fire, perhaps we want to dance around it, sing, shout, scream, swear (!). It doesn’t matter what needs to come out. All that matters is that we own and express it now, because this energy is here to support us in doing that in a way which will free us to step into the vibrant power in our heart and be all that we truly are. There can be so much fear about speaking our minds and expressing what truly lies in our heart. This fear keeps us small, scared, a victim in a world in which everyone else seems to call the shots. It’s a fear that says being liked is more important than being real. Keeping the peace is favourable to speaking a truth which could change the world. Keeping others happy is of greater significance than unleashing the happiness within which truly brings each one of us alive. It’s a fear which says if I don’t speak my truth I won’t have to hear other peoples’ either, and that way we all stay safe…

Of course, we must respect fire even as we are drawn to its warming glow. We must respect truth too and speak it in full consciousness of its power. Sometimes, speaking what’s true for us can change the world overnight, just as not doing so keeps the world frozen in time, stagnant and dead. Which is why we need the power of fire to strengthen us when there are truths to be shared, because it takes courage to express our truth and equal courage to receive the truths of another. This weekend is a time for truth, and it doesn’t matter if what’s true for us is denied by everyone else around. Now is the time to honour our truth and speak it out loud and clear.

Enjoy the fire!

Sarah Varcas

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