22nd/23rd September 2014: Pluto stations Direct

by Sarah Varcas on 18/09/2014


Image: ‘Facing’ by Gary Rosenberg
Image: ‘Facing’ by Gary Rosenberg


This Is Who We Are


Sarah Varcas

Pluto stations direct at 8:01 p.m. GMT on 22nd September, completing its retrograde passage begun in mid April at the lunar eclipse in Libra. When Pluto is retrograde we encounter its transformative power within us. We discover the extent to which we can wield both creative and destructive influence in our own lives. As Lord of the Underworld Pluto always bids us enter the shadows, and when retrograde those shadows take the form of denial of our own power, our willingness to be a victim rather than the creator of our own destiny, and our projection onto others of all that we truly are. The extent to which we have faced these aspects of ourselves in the past few months will in part dictate the extent to which we encounter the creative or destructive influence of Pluto in its coming months of forward motion.

Stationing direct in the final few seconds of the 11th degree of Capricorn, Pluto reminds us that no manner of disguise will fool the Plutonian pursuit of revelatory truth which forever threads itself through the fabric of our lives. No matter how much we may, consciously or otherwise, hide from certain aspects of ourselves, other people or life itself, the truth will always reveal itself eventually. As such no one can escape the consequences of who they are, no matter how hard they try and no matter how much it may seem, to themselves or others, that they do. Pluto’s law is unbending and unremitting: we are what we are and will live the life that being who we are dictates. Which has a lot to do with why Pluto is frequently an unwelcome guest and a feared master!

But Pluto is currently playing a very important role in the rise of the new (Aquarian) age and the resolution of the old (Piscean) one. In its on-going square to Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, it reminds us that its goal is only ever the freedom born of uncompromising truth. It isn’t out to punish but to liberate, and what we perceive as punishment is in fact born of our own conspiracy to avoid the truth of who we are. In turning direct now, heading towards the next exact square to Uranus, Pluto encourages us in our search for the freedom of authenticity and openness. It reminds us that when we embrace truth we have its power on our side, no matter the apparent consequences in a world where lies are fed to us routinely and we are conditioned from an early age to hide so much of our true selves.

We would be wrong, however, to assume that truth comes in a neatly presented package of order and logic. If that’s what we’re seeking we’ve already created the conditions for denial and suppression. Truth encompasses everything and as such it cannot be tidy and neat in a world full of contradiction and paradox. The truth that Pluto seeks to reveal is complex and uncomfortable. It’s our contradictory nature which says one thing and does another, not because we lie but because we can contradict ourselves and still be authentic. It’s us as loving and rejecting in the same moment, as peaceful and angry, as wise and yet impulsive and unthinking. It is us as spiritual and material beings, infused with the Divine and bound to the physical realm of form and desire.

Pluto bids us walk a challenging path and one with many pitfalls. We may have to fall down them to discover what’s real and what’s not, who we are and who we’re not. Our discoveries may shake us to the core and challenge much of what we believed ourselves to be, but within the challenge lives the deepest truth: that when we touch the very ground of our being, all paradoxes are resolved into the simple statement ‘this is me’, without explanation, excuse or apology. This is who we are – Pluto reveals all and waits for us to see.

Sarah Varcas

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