20th / 21st November – 9th / 10th December 2015: Mercury in Sagittarius & 22nd November – 21st / 22nd December 2015: Sun in Sagittarius

by Sarah Varcas on 17/11/2015


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Wedding the Mind to the Heart


Sarah Varcas

As Mercury (messenger of the gods) enters Sagittarius (the sign of grand truths and expansive understanding) it forms a sextile with Mars in Libra. This aspect reflects the importance of forging a peaceful way forward, refusing to further fuel any smouldering fires of conflict. In Sagittarius, Mercury can be a bit too confident if we let it. A tad over-zealous in its expression, it may tempt us into arrogant pronouncements where open-minded enquiry would better suffice. At its best, Mercury in Sagittarius seeks grand truths and the perspective that weaves all things into an integrated whole. At its less than best, it fosters division through its sheer fiery force of opinion which leaves no space for difference or debate.

Thankfully, whilst this alliance between Mercury and Mars takes some careful handling, it actually facilitates positive interaction once we embrace the weighty responsibility that living the human life at this particular juncture entails. The bodies of thought, understanding and insight signified by the sign of Sagittarius have become tools of discord and mistrust, hatred, disrespect and aggression. Instead of being a powerful force for good that feeds the soul, religion has become a weapon with which to beat our foes; instead of pursuing a safe and inclusive society which protects the vulnerable and fosters potential, politics has become an instrument of division, affording ‘power over’ to the few at the cost of the many. When such dynamics are laid bare for all to see, it can seem like all is lost and we have gone too far down the road of strife to ever claw our way back. The dark night of humanity’s soul looks increasingly long and ever more intimidating.

And then the Sun in Sagittarius reminds us WE are humanity. All of us. Misplaced confidence can be a sticky wicket, but well-invested faith and incisive understanding can be the change-maker in a world on the brink. With Saturn and Neptune about to form their first exact square (26th November), we all carry our portion of responsibility for how things play out from here on in, and how deeply we each penetrate the truths of this world rather than skimming the surface to soak up only those perspectives which bolster our personal view. This Sun and Mercury, whilst risking over-confidence, are also happy to be blown wide open to embrace an entirely new world view if that’s what it takes to change. They symbolise the mind in service to the heart, the intellect fired up by divine inspiration, as much as the mind too full of itself to make room for doubt or the intellect so arrogant it dismisses all that cannot be neatly explained.

A commitment to connecting the mind with the heart will help us live well in the month to come, reaping the wisdom of Sagittarius, not manifesting its flaws! Run all thoughts through the heart, all opinions and attitudes, certainties and conjectures, for the heart always knows where the mind may flounder and stumble. The mind is a powerful tool for change. But how we use it is our choice and the more people who choose to wed the mind to the heart, the greater the upwelling of wisdom in this world.

Ego can feel a lot like inspiration when we don’t pay attention; opinion a lot like truth. The Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius remind us to stay alert to our power and use it well. To bridge divides, not create them, and to honour healing truths as best we can, at every twist and turn.

Sarah Varcas

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