1st/2nd November – 20th/21st November 2015: Mercury in Scorpio

by Sarah Varcas on 27/10/2015


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Sprit Rising


Sarah Varcas

Mercury is moving at quite a pace now, and we need to keep up! Forming a semi-sextile to the North Node as it enters Scorpio, its aim is to facilitate exactly the kind of dialogue that promotes mutual understanding and lights the alchemical flame of transformative relationship. The trouble is, Mercury in Scorpio can be so incisive that it does exactly the opposite, triggering disputes and conflict, misunderstandings and estrangement. So the onus is on us all to ensure we reap the blessings of this Mercury and navigate its challenges with compassionate wisdom.

It’s not that this Mercury wants to dig at wounds and rake up pain, it’s more that it can’t help but do so. The issues which surface during the passage of Mercury through Scorpio are often wrought with emotional charge, triggering instinctive defensiveness or pre-emptive strikes on those we sense are about to plunge in the knife! Often we all need to calm down and take a moment to reflect and rewind before we decide who’s the enemy and what’s really going on. Mercury in Scorpio wants more than anything to articulate the truth, but at such intense times many truths are unwelcome and too challenging for us to bear. Our innate defensiveness rises up in response and all manner of denials and avoidance operate in the face of unpalatable data we don’t yet feel able to process.

But process it we must, both personally and collectively. The human race is in a tricky situation right now, in the midst of an awakening the likes of which we’ve never seen, on the verge of destruction the likes of which we’ve never faced. It’s little wonder feelings are running high and many people are not a little fraught! That’s to be expected and it doesn’t mean we’re doing it wrong, missing something or somehow not ‘advanced’ enough to be reaping the ‘rewards’ of awakening. It simply means we’re human beings trying to keep up with a process that is, quite frankly, awesomely mind-boggling and terrifyingly inspiring. Nothing will survive the burn of truth in the years to come, and no one can side-step the enduring need for a revisioning of all that we hold dear.

So whilst Mercury’s journey through Scorpio may test us in the authenticity department, it brings its own kind of freedom. For if we stand strong in the face of its revelations, our roots will reach ever deeper into the ground of our being and we will be strengthened beyond measure. Mercury itself doesn’t act out of malice. It simply says what it must and moves along to the next thing. If we feel the sting of exposure or the pain of revelation it shows where hearts need opening ever wider and minds need to expand beyond parameters currently set. It also shows where we need to embrace ourselves with love and care before we even consider how to approach the world at large, for no one owes us patience and love like we owe it to ourselves.

It’s an intense time and there is much to be embraced that may previously have been too great for us to bear. Truth rises like a bubble not when we think we’re ready but when we actually are, which may come as a surprise! Only by encountering its formidable force do we discover that it resonates within and strengthens us even as it breaks through barriers built to keep it out. The fear we feel is ego sensing its own curtailment, put in its place to support but no longer run the show. There is no fear in our spirit, which rises up to embrace all that’s authentic and true.

This spirit-rising is coming, with Mercury, our winged messenger, leading the way. It bids us embrace truth, no matter the instinct to look away. Mercury reminds us we are creators of the future, tasked to craft one out of All That Is in its unbounded, breath-taking glory, not shaped by what we simply believe – from our blinkered perspective – ‘should’ be.

Sarah Varcas

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