15th November 2013: Reaching the end of the eclipse season…

by Sarah on 15/11/2013




The Challenge Ahead


Sarah Varcas

Today the cosmos invites us to consider the many faces of power and our relationship to it. We all have power – to change our own lives, the lives of those around us, the future of this planet – but whether or not we acknowledge and embrace that fact can be the difference between a life lived in the twilight realms of unconsciousness or in the illumination of awakening. As we approach the conclusion of the current eclipse season, which comes to an end just prior to the Full Moon on Sunday (hence we have only two eclipses this time around, not three), we have an opportunity to reflect upon not only our awareness of that power but also what we choose to do with it.

In alignment with Chiron and the North Node, a Venus/Pluto conjunction today reminds us that the power used to transform and the power used to resist change is the same energy put to a different use. If we are struggling to maintain the status quo for fear of what may happen if we don’t, we could use that same energy to shape a positive new direction out of unavoidable disturbances. It’s not an ‘either/or’: either we impose our will or the universe gets its way. We can work together to create the future consciously and with a heart open to change not as something to fear but something to play with and test out; something to work and create with, to explore.

Next year we pass through the ‘eye’ of the Uranus/Pluto square and there’s no avoiding the fact that we will feel this at a personal, collective and global level. We will be both super-charged as agents of change and subject to super-charged forces of change ourselves. We are reaching a time of karmic watershed on this planet and 2014 forms a significant choice point on the current timeline of cause and effect. So we really need to get to grips with this whole issue of power and what we choose to do with it. Because if we fear or deny it, casting ourselves as victims of forces greater than we are, or if we embrace and then use it solely for our own satisfaction to create the ‘life of our dreams’ with scant regard for what such an attitude means in a world of 7 billion people, we will be missing out on the opportunity to take our part in a planetary transformation that happens not by magic or a pre-ordained right but by the power of commitment and wisdom, a willingness to look into the darkness and cast the light of truth upon it. This transformation arises out of hearts and minds willing to take responsibility for our every breath and recognise that life is not all about us as individuals getting whatever we want, but us as a planet seeking a state of balance for the benefit of all.

How we use our power in the coming months will stand as a testament to how well we have understood and embraced the true nature of the challenges ahead. As always we can choose the path we walk and with whom we walk it, but if we fail to acknowledge the multitudes who walk beside us and depend upon our integrity for their survival, we may throw away the opportunity of a lifetime in the pursuit of personal satisfactions which will unavoidably fade in the face of a greater crisis left neglected and unsolved.

May our beautiful planet and all who live upon and within her be greatly blessed.

Sarah Varcas

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