13th November 2013: Neptune stations direct in Pisces

by Sarah on 13/11/2013

Mahmoud Farshchian

Dissolving into the Divine


Sarah Varcas

After five months retrograde in its own sign of Pisces, today Neptune prepares to turn direct once more. As an archetypal energy Neptune can be exceedingly difficult to grasp. It seeks to dissolve everything it touches, especially if we identify with it in some way, be it a possession, a role or status, a relationship or a quality of our character or spirit. Neptune ultimately wants us all as one, in a state of shared realisation that there is only one and we are each a small part of it. Anything we use to separate us from each other is up for grabs in Neptune’s world. Which is why, when we encounter the influence of Neptune we often become confused about ourselves, our identity, our worth, even what we do or don’t believe. Everyone focuses on Saturn, Uranus and Pluto as the difficult forces to contend with but Neptune can be a major challenge whose impact is often overlooked.

Which is why it’s important to focus on it from time to time and remind ourselves just what this slippery planet is really trying to achieve: in a word – nothing; no thing. Neptune wants us unidentified, undefined and indistinct. It wants us so totally merged with the Divine (which is, of course, you and me and everything else all around) that there is no more ‘I’ and ‘you’, ‘we, us’ or ‘them’. In fact the state towards which Neptune points has no words to describe it, no concepts that correspond with it. It is just a state of pure beingness, a moment of clarity and presence which has no name, no beginning or end and no existence. Imagine the most tranquil state of being and then step inside it, become it, dissolve into it, and you may get a tiniest inkling, (but only the tiniest!) of what Neptune wants for us.

Of course, many would say tranquillity sounds wonderful, as does the melting of boundaries which separate and divide. The ego, however, may have a very different view on that and we all have one of them! Often demonised for standing between us and enlightenment, ego is actually a fact of human life and we might as well get used to it, because developing a healthy functioning one is just about the most important thing we can do on this planet and efforts to transcend or deny it before we’ve done so can be a recipe for spiritual and emotional disaster. Which is where the challenge of Neptune comes in, because in the face of its invitation to let go all identification and attachment we encounter the response of our ego which invests so much in that which separates. And in experiencing that response, we can discern just how healthy our ego is and how well we are managing to live with – not be controlled by – it.

If we find ourselves in a total panic at the thought of letting go a particular relationship that we know, in our hearts, to be past its use-by date, we can safely assume that our ego is struggling to keep a grip which is not conducive to our greater well-being. If we are faced with the need to let go material wealth to pursue a more heartfelt path and the fear of how we will cope without familiar financial props leaves us paralysed, then we know not we, but ego, is in control. And yes, of course, ego is us and vice versa, but it is also something else: an energetic charge invested in certain aspects of our lives, perceptions and identifications which tells us who we are and judges our value accordingly. Neptune seeks to neutralise that charge and free that energy for use elsewhere.

Because for Neptune the whole issue of relative worth is a nonsensical distraction in need of dissolution. It wants us free to know the Divine without compromise. Neptune locates that to which ego clings and gradually turns it into dust before our very eyes. Its subjective worth is revealed to be nothing but bluster and its quality merely illusory. We may embrace these revelations in our spirit, but in our ego we fight them, struggling for some rock to which we can cling, knowing that ‘this rock is mine and it makes me me’. But Neptune has no time for me, remember, or you! In fact it has no time for time which is also an illusion, it remind us, as it dissolves our clocks and calendars away.

The challenge of Neptune, often overlooked but frequently encountered, is to release everything willingly and to know ourselves as nothing in order to know all there is to know, not intellectually, but experientially: that place beyond who we think we are and what we think makes us that way. As Neptune stations direct it asks us to drop everything and just be, and then encourages us to listen to the voice of the ego which speaks in tones of fear or urgency about all that we need to do, achieve, be and experience. In listening to that voice we can discern our relationship with ego and assess who’s really in control. As human beings we all need one – an ego that is – and Neptune acts as a barometer for how healthy ours is and how well we can release its identifications, making it a tool we can pick up and put down as necessary, to interact with the material world whilst we live also elsewhere, in the place of the Divine where ego has no role and we are truly free.

Here’s wishing everyone a Divine day

Sarah Varcas

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