10th May: Post-Eclipse Advice

by Sarah Varcas on 10/05/2013


Life in the Wake of a Solar Eclipse


Sarah Varcas

So here we are in the wake of the Solar Eclipse, and today we may find ourselves a bit torn about what to make of it all. The heavens speak of a choice facing us, and it’s one we should make wisely, based on our inner wisdom not passing emotion. Energies have been high, creating an intensity that’s been driving us forward in recent days, but now we need to decide whether to continue the forward motion or take a step out of it for a while, in order to absorb and process at a deeper level all that has happened of late.

The answer will vary from person to person. In many ways, if we know the progress needs to continue unabated it will be an easier decision to make: energies will be high and positive, visions will be clear and the next step will be obvious, the prospect of it filling us with excitement, even if that excitement exists alongside trepidation. For those of us who should really take some time out now, it may be a more difficult thing to do, despite its importance. ‘What if I miss the boat?’ we may be thinking. ‘What if this opportunity doesn’t come around again and this is my last chance to change the course of my life in a positive way?’. ‘What if I should just push myself onward for a bit longer until things are more secure before I take my foot off the pedal and have a break?’.

These ‘what if’ thoughts are a sure sign today that we need some time out. It doesn’t have to be weeks, or even days. But if this is our thinking today it’s already time to stop and step back. It doesn’t mean we’re reneging on our commitment to change and progress, to launching a new life or taking the next step. It just means we’re taking care of ourselves, allowing our body, heart, mind and spirit to adjust and adapt to the changing energies and new possibilities that they bring to us.

An interesting paradox exists within every solar eclipse (well…I find it interesting anyway!): whilst a solar eclipse is a time of high energy and often radical events and experiences that can shift the course of our life in big ways, a solar eclipse always occurs at a New Moon, which is a time of retreat, low energy, introspection and inner illumination. So in some ways a solar eclipse affects us in the same way as trying to drive a car with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake! We have to decide which foot to move in order to respond to the energies around us at this time. Do we release the break and move forward at increasing speed, or do we release the accelerator and take a break for a while?

Either choice is supported by the cosmos today, as long as it’s the right choice for us. If we need to rest now, we won’t miss the boat, it’ll wait for us, because our resting is all part of the landscape necessary for the next step to take place. And if we know we need to keep going on a wave of high energy, that’s all fine and good too. We can rest another time.

So choose wisely today. Don’t push yourself if you know it’s time to step back because, right now, stepping back at the right moment is equally as important as stepping forward, and both can contribute to the progress and development promised by the eclipse just gone.

Have a good day, whichever decision you make!

Sarah Varcas

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